Jameson is the remaining HOH. Prisca and Vance are the current remaining nominees. Those three will be playing this POV comp with these players selected by the BB Randomizer:

Carlos, Pillow, and May.

This challenge is called Dual Manipulation. You are to write a story in which two (or more) characters are trying to manipulate each other. By the end of the scene, they both/all believe that they have succeeded.

That’s it. Kelly once ran this with a 550 word limit, so we’ll go with that this time too. I would like these stories by Sunday night at 8 PM Central. Pepper and I will judge them and the highest total medal winner will win the POV. If there’s a tie that needs breaking, this time, my medals alone will decide it.

Please remember to send to bigbrother2writing@gmail.com using your game emails. Good luck, Houseguests.