So let’s see…is anybody lying to anybody else? I don’t know, does Julie Chen talk like a robot?

Vote 1: Fat Mabel.

Vote 2: Fat Mabel.

Vote 3: Prisca Sandybanks. “Nothing personal; you’re a great gal, but I think you may be running with a bad crowd.”

Vote 4: Prisca Sandybanks.

Vote 5: Prisca Sandybanks.

Vote 6: Prisca Sandybanks.

Vote 7: Prisca Sandybanks.

By a vote of 5 to 2, the sixth player evicted from CdL Big Brother 2, and the FIRST MEMBER OF THE JURY, is

Prisca Sandybanks

That’s right, Jury starts now. From now on, every player evicted will be a member of the group of voters that ultimately decides the winner of this game. Prisca, and subsequent evictees, I will set up a Jury House google doc for you where you can discuss whatever you like about the game at your leisure now that you are evicted from the main house.

With that settled, it’s time for our next Head of Household competition. It’s called The Battle for Stonehenge. As outgoing HOH, Jameson is not eligible to compete. The other eight of you are standing atop one of the twelve structures at Stonehenge (that’s not the actual number, but work with me here). When you send moves for this, the only coordinates that matter are the ones in the center of each structure.

You’re trying to be one of the last two people on Stonehenge. When we get down to two, those two will be the new HOHs.

There are four different moves on each turn, and you will take turns doing them. How is the order determined? By an energy cache each of you have. You each have 1,000 energy, and on each turn, the order will be determined by how much you’re willing to spend (whole integers only, please).

Here are the moves:

Dropkick. You send a coordinate (not a person) to dropkick. If that person is still there and isn’t blocking when your turn is up, you kick them off the structure and they’re out. If they’re blocking or they’ve moved, you’ll fall to your own death. When you successfully dropkick someone, you move into their space.

Jump. Simply an evasive maneuver to get you to an empty spot. If the spot is no longer empty by the time your turn comes up, you will fall to your death.

Block. If anyone tries to dropkick your position, you will block them and they’ll fall. However, if a person attempts to dropkick you and spends more energy in that turn than you did on your block, they’ll be successful because you’re not in your blocking stance yet.

Nothing. Expend no energy and do nothing. You have to send this, though, in order to avoid being considered a nonsub.

If you nonsub any turn for this, you will be out of the challenge and receive one BB strike.

Go to Kelly’s post here if you want to see an example turn of this play out. This could go pretty fast, so be prepared. On the other hand, if the game starts to take potentially too long, I’ll announce that I’m removing unoccupied structures periodically.

If you run out of energy but are still in the game, a move of “Nothing” is assumed and you are still able to win HOH if others are out before you.

When there are two left, moves will immediately stop even if more people would have fallen over the course of the rest of the turn. Any ties at any point that need breaking will be left to the whims of the BB Randomizer.

The first turn will be due Sunday night at 8 PM Central. After that we’ll do one a day. Remember, when you move, send me coordinates, not players’ names. Good luck, Houseguests.