Hey, gang. Now that my vacation is over and I’m somewhat settled again, I can finally get back to business. “Silly online games” being “business,” of course.

Sheeple: It’ll start Monday the 9th. If you’ve already signed up over at Cutthroat Junction, great. If not, do so now.

nibbish and yickit’s title match: I’ll send you something sometime today.

Werewolf: Novak has announced that he’ll run a game, also starting the 9th. This shouldn’t give dual players of Sheeple and Werewolf too much trouble, since Sheeple doesn’t require a ton of emailing. Plus, people are eliminated quickly in Werewolf.

Play with the Prose: Unlimited: This is happening. I think waiting until at least the Sheeple/Werewolf pair is done is probably the way to go.

The Gauntlet and Spookymilk Survivor XVII: These will be the next two “main events,” probably in that order. I’ll run The Gauntlet for sure, and most likely both. Geoff also pitched this weird idea to me a while back that might be worth trying (and is somewhat related to an idea I once had, but it’s so much…grosser, which is kind of intriguing). And then there’s Gods and Mortals, which a few folks have said they want to play again. If you have any feelings on all of this, speak.

Anything else? Any new ideas? Exciting times, CdLers.