Here’s the integers each BOB competitor chose.

Jameson: 1
Carlos: 167
Spatula: 333
Pillow: 500

That makes the scores as follows:

Jameson – 1 (distance from beginning) + 166 (distance from Carlos – Category A) + 332 (distance from Spatula – Category B) = 499
Carlos – 166 (distance from Jameson – Category A) + 166 (distance from Spatula – Category B) = 332
Spatula – 166 (distance from Carlos – Category A) + 167 (distance from Pillow – Category B) = 333
Pillow – 1 (distance from end) + 167 (distance from Spatula – Category B) + 333 (distance from Carlos – Category A) = 501

So Pillow along with Jameson win the Battle of the Block, removing May from Head of Household. Pillow and Jameson are safe for the rest of this cycle.

Christy as HOH and the remaining nominees Carlos and Spatula will compete for the Power of Veto along with these Houseguests selected by the BB Randomizer:

Pillow, Gilgamesh, and Jameson.

You six will be writing a story for The Return. This story is about a character who returns to a character he or she has not seen in many, many years and this has the potential to greatly affect the second person’s life. The character can have been gone for any reason, but there has been no contact of any kind between the characters for a long time (you decide what “a long time” means).

These will be due Friday night at 8 PM Central. I would do Thursday, but I won’t be able to get to them very early that night. Since we’ll do Friday instead, I’ll give you some more room to work with; your limit will be 800 words.

Please remember to submit to using your game emails. Pepper and I will judge these and the highest medal score will win the Power of Veto. If there’s a tie that needs breaking, this time my medals alone will decide. Good luck, Houseguests.