I’ve decided to go with My Little Pony for the theme (Friendship Is Magic, of course).  Because I’ve watched a lot of that lately, and I haven’t watched a lot of Firefly or other grown-up properties that I could do justice to.  Maybe someday.  This time, we get ponies.  Unless, of course, there’s some great uprising against it.

We’re currently at 11 players:

Zee German

With that’ I’ll do the following roles:


Tirek – This character has the ability to drain other ponies’ powers, so he is the reverse seer but he gets to make his pick before the wolves choose their night kill. Also gets a night 0 pick.
Trixie – Cannot be spied.  If the seer peeks her, will be told villager.


Twilight Sparkle – Twilight understands that friendship is magic. So each night, starting on night 1, she will have a villager role player revealed to her (up to 3, since there are 3 other villager roles).
Pinkie Pie – Seer. Because she has a Pinkie Sense. Gets a night 0 peek. Will only be told wolf or villager, not roles (though obviously will be able to deduce which wolf she peeked.).
Apple Jack – Angel, gets one save every night. Can save the same person multiple times, but cannot save herself.
Rainbow Dash – Tends to rush into things, so this player receives a second vote which they will e-mail me by 5 p.m. each day. I will announce the vote. It cannot be changed, but this player can cast another vote for someone else with their in-game vote.


Discord – This character’s sole object will be to see the ponies turn on themselves. If this player survives 3 villager lynchings, they get their own victory.

I’ll e-mail roles sometime late Saturday or early Sunday.