“Hello, this is Doctor Will.”

“Will, it’s Mike.”

“Oh hey, Boogie, what’s up?”

“Hey man, just wondered if you know why these Houseguests are so boring with their lack of vote commentary?”

“I don’t know, Boogie, maybe all the tension of the vote has had a…Chilling effect.”

*Dramatic Pause*


Vote One: Lester Sweetums.

Vote Two: Poppin’ Fresh Gilgamesh.

Vote Three: Lester Sweetums.

Vote Four: Gilgamesh.

Vote Five: Gilgamesh.

By a vote of 3 to 2, the seventh player evicted from CdL Big Brother 2 and the second member of the Jury is

Poppin’ Fresh Gilgamesh

I never received a vote from Fat Mabel, so she will receive one BB strike. If it shows up later or she proves she sent it in time, this whole post might change, I guess…but unless that happens, this is where we’re at.

For the remaining eight of you, here’s your next HOH Challenge: Cliffs of Dover. Christy as outgoing HOH will not be eligible to compete. The other seven of you will write a story in which two or more people share an event – something of at least mild importance – without saying a word. They’re together, and the situation has an effect on both of them, but no words are spoken.

Your word limit this time is 200 words. Pepper and I will judge these and the two highest medal scores (Pepper’s medals breaking any ties this time) will be the next two HOHs. These will be due Tuesday night at 8 PM Central. As always, please remember to send your stories to bigbrother2writing@gmail.com using your game emails. Good luck, Houseguests.