Nomination time! Did you guys draw Skittles to figure this one out??

Pillow’s nominees: May and Spatula.

Jameson’s nominees: Lester and Mabel.

Those two pairs will compete in Last Meeting. (Yep, another writing challenge. You didn’t expect to do this many in a row, did you? Well, somebody once said “Expect the Unexpected”…I wonder who that was)

You have 500 words to tell a story about two characters that are meeting for the last time, whether they know it or not. You’re allowed to have appearances from other characters, if you trust that they won’t obfuscate your intent.

We’ll say Pepper’s medals will break any tie again this time. The highest total medal score among the two pairs will win the BOB and secure their safety for this cycle.

I’m going on vacation for a long weekend, so to make this reasonable on (almost?) everyone involved, we’ll make these due Sunday night at 8 PM Central. Good luck, Houseguests!