Fluttershy had been a big part of the group. In a different era they would have given her an autism spectrum diagnosis, and slowly marginalized her by segregating her from the rest of the class, but Ponyville was a bit behind the times, so instead they just called her quirky, and appreciated the fact that she made everyone else seem normal. So it was only natural that her death caused the rest of the village to panic.
“Whatarewegonnado?!? Whatarewegonnadon?!?” worried Rainbow Dash.
“Gee, I dunno,” said Apple Jack, “I’m plum, uh, I mean, apple, out of ideas.”
Pinkie just bounced around the town, periodically doing so upside down.

Suddenly, three even littler ponies appeared.
“You know what this story needs?” asked Sweetiebelle
“More supporting cast!” answered Apple Bloom and Scootaloo in unison.

“Hmph,” hmphed Silver Spoon.
“Like anyone really wants to hear from the Pootiedark Boofaders,” mocked Diamond Tiara.
“Hey, we’re full of ideas. Just listen to this song we’re going to sing now about how the Cutiemark Crusaders are always coming up with something new.”

::Insert Song Here::

“I reiterate my previous ‘hmph,’” said Silver Spoon.
“Aw, don’t listen to them” said Apple Jack, who had listened to them.
“That song was a gem” said Rainbowdash.
“Hey that rhymed!” observed Pinkie Pie.
Then all three had the exact same idea at the exact same time.

The ponies all rushed to the Everfree Forest, to seek out the aid of the crazy lady who is always speaking in rhyming couplets. Unfortunately for them, she was dead.

Nettiebarron Tirek. Died of embarrassment.
Inkarnit Twilight Sparkle. Killed by her love of reading.
yickit Fluttershy. Split up.
MelissaD Zecora. Rhymed her last couplet.
Zee German

5 needed for a majority.

In honor of Melissa/Zecora’s death, the first person who is nominated (via e-mail to me) will be forced to speak only in rhyming couplets until 4 p.m.

It Is Day.