With all the deaths of her good friends, Apple Jack was starting to get awfully lonely.
“Do you think I should spend some time with them, before they’re all gone?” she asked Big Mac.
“Uh… Yup.”
“I mean, I could maybe protect one of them, right?”
“Uh… Yup.”
“Us Earth Ponies aren’t being targeted like the magic ponies, right?”
“Uh… Yup.”
“So I’ll be safest with Pinkie Pie.”
“YAY! SLEEPOVER!” shouted Pinkie.
“How does she do that?”

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash decided to pay a quick visit to the Wonderbolts Academy, to see if she could round up some help. As usual, the Wonderbolts flew in fascinating patterns and burst through clouds, and things like that, but did absolutely nothing you’d expect of an elite fighting force.
Frustrated, Rainbow Dash flew away.
“Heh, look out, Rainbow Crash” said some bullies.
But it was too late. Because Rainbow Dash flew straight into the werewolf, and was turned into tiny little pieces.

Nettiebarron Tirek. Died of embarrassment.
Inkarnit Twilight Sparkle. Killed by her love of reading.
yickit Fluttershy. Split up.
MelissaD Zecora. Rhymed her last couplet.
Zee German Rarity. Savaged in the caboose.
todahshy Rainbow Dash. Turned into rainbow mash.

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