“Ponyville ain’t safe anymore, is it Big Mac?”
“Uh… nope,” answered Big Mac.
“Is that ‘nope’ like it ain’t safe, or ‘nope’ like what I said was wrong. Dagnabit I wish you weren’t so committed to your affectations.”
“Uh… in that case, I’ll let you know that I meant the former, and would remind you that I frequently stray from my traditional speech patterns when doing so suits the humor needs of the the writers.”
“Quit yer gabbin’!” interrupted Granny Smith, “I think you ought to get out of Ponyville, Apple Jack. Move to Manehattan.”
And, since we all know Apple Jack was the foregone conclusion for last night’s wolf kill, I’ll give you the summary version of the rest of the story: Apple Jack moved to Manehattan, and discovered life in the big city wasn’t for her. Not because of the “big city” part, but because of the “life” part.

TDO. Discord. Created chaos, and won.
Nettiebarron Tirek. Died of embarrassment.
Inkarnit Twilight Sparkle. Killed by her love of reading.
yickit Fluttershy. Split up.
MelissaD Zecora. Rhymed her last couplet.
Zee German Rarity. Savaged in the caboose.
todahshy Rainbow Dash. Turned into rainbow mash.
kg2005 Spike. Died from not taking mysterious pills.
nibbish Apple Jack. Bit the big apple.

2 needed for majority, day will end at 9 p.m. again, though I doubt we’ll get there.

It Is Day