There are a few new ideas lingering in my mind (provided by someone much better at coming up with challenges than I am) that I want to try, but I’m chickening out of doing one in particular until I figure out if it’s going to take forever or just almost forever. So until then, we’ll do Here Comes the Fuzz this time.

First, your players. Pillow, May, and Spatula, of course, joined by…

Lester, Carlos, and Christy.

On each turn, you send me a distance to travel from 0-100 miles (whole integers only). There will be four moves, and at the end of the four, the player in the lead will win the Power of Veto.

So why not just go 100 miles every time? Because after each round, the person currently in the lead will be caught and arrested by the police and will be removed from the challenge. After the first round, the miles you send will be added to your current total.

Additionally, if you fall at least 100 miles off the lead (“the lead” being the number of miles the captured person has traveled), you will also be removed because you’re too far behind. Either way, there will be four rounds – so there will be at most two players left after the fourth round. The leader of those two will win the Veto. If they end up in the same place after the fourth round, the winner will be whomever was furthest ahead after the third round, and then the second round, and then the first. If those are all ties, we’ll go to the Randomizer.

Note that if there’s a tie for the lead, all people in the tie will be caught and eliminated. So this could, in fact, lessen the number of days of the race. If we get to a point before four rounds are complete and only one player is left, that player will win the Veto.

The first move will be due tonight (Monday) at 8 PM Central. Good luck, Houseguests.