Everything had been going so well that night at DK’s Bar. Flappers regaled the raucous crowd as the local friendly mob boss maintained a steady influx of liquor.

Beezypoof was hurling glasses across the room, trying to knock an apple off of joepunman’s head; joepunman laughed gleefully as she continued to miss and bloody his face. MelissaD was passed around from dude to dude, as always. Inkarnit danced on the bar in his briefs, his pants over his head and his shirt long since lost. The crowd sang along to Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher.” However, since this is a Werewolf game, someone had to go and ruin everything.

Though the inebriated crowd hadn’t noticed yet, they were trampling the corpse of greekhouse, who’d been gored by a werewolf in full view of a drunkenly apathetic crowd who couldn’t or wouldn’t process what they were seeing.

Finally, someone from the village screamed and pointed out the body. “Where’s DK with his trusty rifle full of silver bullets?”, she cried, providing backstory to the new players who weren’t around for the first Speakeasy game.

But DK was off that night, and that night’s bartender was the guy laying dead in the middle of the room. Five helpful drunks promised to keep the drinks flowing while they dealt with the menace. Of course, each had their ulterior motive for wanting to serve drinks, but hey, we’ll get there.

Note to new or occasional players: Do not use the flavor text to try to fetter out bartenders. It’s just a narrative to hold the thing together.

This is important: the five bartenders have until 5pm Central to offer a drink order. If they haven’t done it by then, they’ve lost it for the day. It’s possible they’ve already done so, in which case I’ll let the offered person(s) know as the day begins. You have two hours to accept or reject a drink (watch your emails for offers); you are not allowed to announce to the group that you’ve been offered a drink. Once you’ve accepted or rejected, you’re allowed to talk about it (unless you drank a Quiet Sunday). This will be enforced via mod-kill, if necessary. If you accept a drink, you’ll know what it was (via my email confirmation). If you don’t, you won’t be told what you were offered.

It’s allowed for bartenders to announce publicly that they’re going to offer a drink. As always, it’s possible for players to lie about this, if they can find a good reason to do so.

The Dread Pirate
Guy Patterson
Zee German


Angel Face. Villager. If a person accepts a drink from Angel Face, they cannot be voted out that day; the person with the second most votes will be voted out instead. Furthermore, he cannot be night killed. The person accepting the drink will be told that they’re protected. Those affected are allowed to say so, if they like; of course, this can be fake-claimed as well.

Green Eyes. Villager. If a person accepts a drink from Green Eyes, his or her role will be announced privately to Green Eyes (including if he or she is a bartender). The person accepting will be told their role was announced to one of the “seers.”

Quiet Sunday. Wolf. If a person accepts a drink from Quiet Sunday, he cannot speak for the rest of the day, even to vote. His or her vote at the time of silence will be kept in play and cannot be changed. The only panacea to this is for the affected to accept another drink in the same day, in which case silence is over.

Red Devil. Wolf. If a person accepts a drink from Red Devil, his or her role will be announced privately to Red Devil. The person accepting will be told their role was announced to one of the “seers.”

Salty Dog. Neutral. If a person accepts a drink from Salty Dog, they’ll be forced to act or speak in a really stupid manner. Salty Dog wins the game when three players accept his drinks, and he’s still alive. He will then be removed from the game.


Alright – there you go. I’m excited about this one. I work from 12 to 7 Central today, so if drinks are offered then, I won’t be super quick about it, unless I happen to look at my phone at the right time. In addition to emailing me, it’s also fine if you text me to accept, reject or offer: 612-819-7196. If I don’t have you in my phone, which isn’t many of you, just be sure to tell me who you are.

While I’m gone, too, someone else will have to keep track of voting. This will happen tomorrow as well, and then my “weekend” is Wednesday and Thursday.

***IT IS DAY***