Here we go, Houseguests. There’s some major game information after the eviction is completed in this post that you’ll want to make note of carefully. For now we’ll get to the votes, which have some much more impressive commentary than last time.

Vote 1: “Surprisingly, I’m a little sad to see him go, but I must vote to evict Jameson and his Handytrousers.”

Vote 2: “My vote is for Jameson Handytrousers, the oil to my water. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I said some horribly rude things about your game play to just to rub salt in the wound? Just kidding! I’m sure there’s already enough salt in there. Good game though.”

Vote 3: Jameson.

Vote 4: Jameson. “I will miss those handy trousers. We’ll drink to you tonight.”

Vote 5: Jameson. “It’s too whiskey to keep him awound.”

AW YEAH. That’s what I’m talking about. Even better than a gator chomp.

By a vote of 5 to 0, the eighth elimination from CdL Big Brother 2 and the third member of the jury is

Jameson Handytrousers

Now, the first piece of news that I have to impart to you all is: as of this moment, Dual HOHs and the Battle of the Block challenges are over. From now on, we’ll have one winner in each HOH challenge, and that HOH and their two nominees will proceed straight to the veto challenge. So, back to classic Big Brother structure, if you’re familiar with CdL BB1.

The second item of info is: Because of the opening of Pandora’s Box earlier in the game, the three current Jury members will have a chance to re-enter the game. That chance begins tonight, with this HOH challenge. What challenge is that, you ask? It’s time to GET WHACKY!

Here’s a Snakesboard. Notice that there are two tabs with identical layouts. The first tab is the board for the six Houseguests still in the House competing for HOH (Pillow, of course, as outgoing HOH, is not allowed to compete). The second tab is for Gilgamesh, Jameson, and Prisca. Those three will be competing against each other to get back into the House with a full and equal chance to win Big Brother once more.

Your job will be to place 2 snakes, each of a length of 8, on that board. They get the value of each box they touch. The snakes must be continuous, but can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

If two snakes share a box, neither gets the point, but both live. If a snake is crossed twice by other snakes, it will die. If three snakes share a box, they all die (because they are each crossed twice, once by both of the other snakes).

As before on Whacking Day, each person can trade a length of snake for the below described powers. You are permitted to trade up to 3 lengths (If you trade 1, you’ll have a snake of 8-length and one of 7. If you trade 2, you’ll have two 7-length snakes. And if you trade 3, you’ll have a 7-length and a 6-length). You can only buy one of each item. Or, you know, you can choose not to buy any or all of them as well. They may not be worth it (after all, they were invented by Novak).

Here are the powers you can buy:
Club: You need a club if you’re gonna join in the Whacking Day festivities. If you use a club, you select one space on the board. Any snake that touches that space dies.
Luck Of The Irish: By now, everyone knows that Whacking Day was invented in 1924 as an excuse for beating up the Irish. If you use this power, you select one space on the board. Any snake which touches that space loses points equal to its length, and gives them to the person who set that trap.
Barry White: Snakes are sexy, baby. If you use this power, you select one space on the board. Any snake who touches a Barry White space is protected absolutely, and no harm shall befall it, no matter how many other people touch it, or how many clubs it hits, etc. In addition, if a snake that is touching a Barry White space and a snake that is not touch another space in common, the Barry White snake will get the points from the shared square. But! If two snakes touch the Barry White space, neither of them will get the benefit of the power. The catch? You cannot benefit from your own Barry White space.

The player on the Jury board with the highest point total at the end of the challenge will re-enter the house. Additionally, the highest total score on either board will be the new HOH. So, yes, the returning player can come back in as HOH if he or she outscores everyone on the House board as well.

The catch for the three jury members playing against each other is they will not be able to communicate amongst themselves for this challenge, since they’re still in “jury sequester” from each other and the House. They’ll have to take their shots on this game on their own. The Houseguests, of course, can communicate as much or as little with each other as they like, as always.

Your choices on which powers you want to buy and where you want to place them will be due by Friday night at 8 PM Central. Your final snake placements will be due by Sunday night at 8 PM Central (since I still hate Saturday deadlines). Good luck, Houseguests and Jury Members.