Lester has chosen to nominate:

Carlos and Mabel.

Since, of course, Mabel is not allowed to play in Veto challenges, Carlos and Lester will be joined by…

oh, yeah. Sorry. I mean, Lester, Carlos and Mabel will be joined in this challenge by

Pillow, May, and Gilgamesh.

This challenge is called What Was Lost. Your task is to write a story in which a character makes a great sacrifice, or a series of sacrifices, to accomplish something. Once the Thing is accomplished, the character’s sacrifices have changed him or her in a way that now makes him or her such a different person, they no longer covet the Thing.

I’ll give you 450 words for this one. I’ll say Pepper’s medals control in case of any ties. The highest medal scorer will win the Power of Veto. We’ll make this due Thursday night at 8 PM Central. Good luck, Houseguests.