Good morning, Houseguests. Carlos has chosen to nominate:

Princess Spatula and The Sacred Pillow.

Carlos, Pillow, and Spatula will compete in this Power of Veto challenge along with (selected by the Randomizer for the final time this season):

Mabel, Christy, and Lester.

In honor of our recently twice-evicted Man-God Gilgamesh, this brand-new challenge is called Lion of Sight.

Gilgamesh’s lion is goddamned hungry. On each turn, he looks down a line containing 12 places, and eats the person who placed themselves closest to him – i.e., 1 is closest, 12 is farthest. However, those who are not eaten get “Balls of Steel” points corresponding to how close they got to the lion without getting eaten on each turn – 1 point for #12 up to 11 points for #2. We’ll keep going until two players are left uneaten; at that point, the player with more “Balls of Steel” points is the winner of the Veto.

Additionally, however many turns it takes, a player may not step on the same spot twice. This is to avoid the leader just taking the furthest spot every time once he has the points to do it safely. Players may step together on the same spot, but if they do this and are closest to the lion that turn, both/all will be eaten. If the final two players tie in points, the one who’s still allowed to stand furthest from the lion (that is, if they played one more turn) will be the winner. If they can still stand on the same spot, we’ll play the BB “closest to the number without going over” guessing game.

We’ll do one turn a day, since we can still be done by Friday at the latest that way. First turn will be due TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 8 PM Central. Good luck, Houseguests.