Attention everyone: put some damned pants on and make yourselves presentable. We have some new lurkers who may join a game in the future.

Long story short: I joined a Survivor game elsewhere on the internet. It’s just the second season for this person, but one of our semi-regulars alerted me to it, and I figured, what the hell?

If the game has a decent number of “real” players, I may be switching the next Survivor game away from writing and back to strategy, and it would include half people of mine, and half people from there. Now, if it turns out they’re all neophytes like my players were early on, we’ll probably scrap that altogether. Since some are aching to write, the PwtP Unlimited season would probably start at the same time as The Gauntlet.

As you know, after Big Brother but before Survivor XVII, we’ll have The Gauntlet. Here’s what I have so far…

The Gauntlet.

We start with…however many players. I’m hoping for upwards of 20 or more, as the game should move somewhat quickly. If you want to sign up, hell, you can go ahead and I’ll get a doc ready.

It’ll probably be “open.” (Lurkers, what I mean is that everyone will play using their real names, or common aliases used at this site. Sometimes I run “anonymous” games where everyone gets a nickname, so they can try new things while keeping hidden)

The first thing is that everyone will vote to nominate someone. The person who receives the most votes is nominated. That person will choose someone to duel against (keep in mind, votes will be made public). I’ll have a long list of challenges available. If we’ve done a challenge type here before, it will be offered. Each person will list their five preferences in order, as well as five “vetoes” that they absolutely won’t do against the other person. I’ll strike the vetoes, and run the challenge that’s highest on someone’s list. If a tiebreaker is needed, well, I’ll come up with one before then.

Then the challenge runs. The loser is eliminated.

We start again with the all-vote nomination. The caveat is that the most recent challenge winner cannot receive votes. Then we go until everyone is out. I could run a duel for the final two, or I could utilize a jury. I can see a great argument for either. Let me know what you think.

There will be occasional twists to the nominations. You’ll know about them, but won’t know when they’re coming:

Winner’s Choice. The person who has won the most challenges to this point will decide both nominations on his or her own.

Two on Two. The top two vote-getters will be nominated…as a team. They’ll choose a pair to go up against. Both people on the losing side will be eliminated.

A “Power of Veto” style thing where a person can snake out of a nomination is a possibility, and so is an “Immunity Idol” where that person’s votes wouldn’t count.

This will probably start around mid-to-late May, assuming DK continues rolling with Big Brother, and with just two challenges per cycle now, he probably will.

Okay, regulars. Feel free to remove your pants again, as the official presentation has ended. I’m interested in thoughts on the twists I offered, and also in twists that you think might be fun. Pete and I were talking last night about a twist where I murder each eliminated person in cold blood in real life, but we decided it might have a negative effect on future seasons, so we scrapped it. See? We’ve got your best interests in mind.