Alright gang, Beau here. It’s been a long time since I’ve played Werewolf, and the thought still scares me, but I thought I’d try my hand at modding again. Hopefully you Back to the Future fans will get a kick out of this, but it should be fun for anyone. I’m introducing some brand new elements into this game. See below for the new roles.

I’d like to run this starting next Monday or the Monday after that. But ultimately the more people the better. If you have a stipulation, please mention so in the comments. Okay, now for the details, subject to change.

Doc Brown (Villager, Seer): Each night Doc will take the time machine and head into the future to spy on someone. He will make one peek per night and be told the role of who he peeked, if any. BONUS: He will be able to talk to Marty McFly at night. You’ll see why below.

Biff Tannen (Wolf, Seer): Each night Biff will steal the time machine and head into the future as well to spy on someone. He will make one peek per night and be told the role of who he peeked, if any. He must make a peek each night, though he could peek a wolf if he wanted to.

Marty McFly (Villager, Angel): Each night Marty will get to talk to Doc Brown and take the time machine and go BACK in time to spy on Biff spying on someone. He will be told who Biff spied on, but NOT what Biff found out. Marty will need this information before he makes TWO picks to save people each night (with the caveat he can only try to save Doc once, since he knows who he is from the beginning). Great Scott! Two people to save? Why is he that powerful?

George & Lorraine (Villagers): Marty’s parents. These will be assigned to two players, but they won’t know who they are so they can’t role claim. The only people who can ever find out who they are prior to death are Doc and Biff. And here is why Marty gets two saves per night. If either Lorraine or George die at any time, Marty will never be born, and therefore die.

There will be one or two more wolves depending on how many people sign up. They will not have any special roles at this time.

Mr. Strickland (Neutral): Everyone will know who he is and he can never be voted for or killed. He doesn’t care about Hill Valley’s petty squabbles either so he won’t be voting either. He just wants discipline. So, each day before 3:00 pm, he must put at least one player in detention, which will be in effect until 1 hour before deadline. While in detention, the player can neither talk nor vote unless given permission by Strickland to do so. Also, Strickland will be given a list of tasks he can make players do while in detention, and if they don’t, they will be mod-killed.

Strickland will have a WIN condition, and this will be known to only him. If he lets on what his WIN condition is, he will be mod-killed.

If anyone sees any glaring issues with the above roles or any moderator questions ahead of time, go ahead and ask before the game starts.

1955 Cast

Dread Pirate
Guy Patterson
Zee German