“Next Saturday night!” shouts Doc, standing up and pointing to the unknown. “We’re sending you back…to the future!”

“Okay, alright, Saturday is good, Saturday’s good. I could spend a week in 1955. I could hang out, you could show me around.”

“Marty,” Doc replied, worried. “That’s completely out of the question. You must not leave this house. You must not see anybody or talk to anybody. Anything you do could have serious repercussions on the future. Marty, did you interact with anyone else today besides me?”

“Um,” Marty stuttered. “I might have sort of ran into my parents.”

“Great Scott!” Doc yelled. “Let me see that photograph of you and your brother again. My thoughts exactly! Everyone’s completely vanished, because your parents never got together and never had any of you. But by some strange time paradox I discern you still have a week to fix this before you die in this timeline.”

“Alright Doc. So I just make my parents fall in love, no problem. I also ran into somebody else.”

“Who?” Doc glared at Marty, eyebrows furled.

“Just this guy on the street. I was in a hurry and bumped into him. Said his name was Novak. He just went on about how crazy his life was and how he wanted spend more time with his family. Then I guess I distracted him because he walked right into an open manhole.”

“Nevermind him, Marty.Just take my word that he’s of no importance to the future. Just get your parents back together, and try not get anyone… else… killed.”

“No sweat, Doc.”

Okay gang, here are the roles. Read them carefully, and if you have questions, e-mail me PRIVATELY.

Doc Brown (Villager, Seer): Each night Doc will take the time machine and head into the future to spy on someone. He will make one peek per night and be told the role of who he peeked, if any. BONUS: He will be able to talk to Marty McFly at night. They can talk about anything, including on who to peek and who to save.

Biff Tannen (Wolf, Seer): Each night Biff will steal the time machine and head into the future as well to spy on someone. He will make one peek per night and be told the role of who he peeked, if any. He must make a peek each night, and he can peek anyone, including himself. In order for Marty do his work as an angel, I ask that Biff make his peek by 10:00 pm at the latest each night.

Marty McFly (Villager, Angel): Each night Marty will get to talk to Doc Brown and take the time machine and go BACK in time to spy on Biff spying on someone. This occurs after Doc has made his seer peek. Marty will be told who Biff spied on, but NOT what Biff found out. Marty will need this information before he makes TWO picks to save people each night. He can only try to save Doc once, as he knows who he is from the start.

George & Lorraine (Villagers): Marty’s parents. They are assigned to two players, but they won’t know who they are so they can’t role claim. The only people who can ever find out who they are prior to death are Doc and Biff. And here is why Marty gets two saves per night. If either Lorraine or George die at any time, Marty will never be born, and therefore die.

3-D (Wolf): No special role

Match (Wolf): No special role

In the flavor text, other characters from the movie will likely be assigned to players post-mortem. These are not special roles. Just fun.

Mr. Strickland (Neutral): He can never be voted for or killed. He doesn’t care about Hill Valley’s petty squabbles either so he won’t be voting. He just wants discipline. So, each day before 3:00 pm, he must put at least one player in detention, which will be in effect starting at 3 pm until 8 pm. While in detention, the player cannot talk unless instructed to do so by Strickland. The player CAN VOTE, but ONCE and ONLY ONCE. This is so if the player in detention has a prior engagement from 8pm to 9pm, they’ll at least be able to place a vote. Also, Strickland has been given a list of tasks he will make the player do in detention. If they don’t complete this task by 3pm the following the day, they will be mod-killed. The most times Strickland can place a player in detention is twice, and not two days in a row. Strickland has been given his WIN condition, which will be private until the game is over. If he alludes to his WIN condition, he will be mod-killed.

1955 Cast

Colin (Mr. Strickland)

Dread Pirate
Guy Patterson
Zee German

It is day. For those wondering, night 0 peeks were made by Doc and Biff.