“Ah, I sliced my hand!” yelled Marvin Berry. He opened the trunk and Marty popped out. 

“So, you’re going to finish the dance, right?” said Marty, exasperated.

“Hey kid,” said one of the Starlighters, annoyed. “He’s bleeding profusely. We need to get him to a hospital.”

“Yeah, yeah,” replied Marty. “But what about the dance? My parents don’t get randy for each other unless they hear Earth Angel.”

They all just stared at Marty. 

“Okay then, I’ll take care of this myself.” Marty snatched up Marvin’s guitar and ran into the school.

Marvin promptly passed out. “Let’s go!” yelled the bass player. That usually meant they should jam some more, but this time, it meant they should step on the gas to save Marvin Berry’s life. What they didn’t know is that while just ten minutes ago Marvin was strangling the life out of 3-D, Match had plotted sweet revenge by slashing the band’s tires. 

Marvin bled out in the back of the car. If history is correct, his last words were, “Gaahhh, I am such a good wolf hunter.” Nobody is still quite sure what he meant, but most people agree that when Chuck Berry released the song “The Festival,” the lyric ‘All night Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters in a battlin’ mood,” was a touching tribute to his cousin.

nibbish (Skinhead, lost his head)
Joepunman (Mayor Red Thomas, poisoned)
todahshy (3-D, too honest)
spookymilk (Marvin Berry, hemorrhaged)

Dread Pirate
Guy Patterson
Zee German

Day ends at 9 pm, as usual. Six needed more majority. TDO, post your homework by 3 pm.