So everybody of importance was in the parking lot. Biff had noticed Lorraine alone in the car and was already trying to rape her. George had come up to interrupt him. Marty was holding a guitar and watching from a distance. Even Strickland was in the parking lot trying to find trouble, but was on the other side of the building. Everyone could feel a climax approaching.

That was going to have to wait, though. Doc Brown, in a rush to set up the clock tower experiment, forgot to feed someone. Back at the Brown residence, Copernicus was gnawing on a chicken leg. He choked, then slowly suffocated a sad puppy death.

nibbish (Skinhead, lost his head)
Joepunman (Mayor Red Thomas, poisoned)
todahshy (3-D, too honest)
spookymilk (Marvin Berry, hemorrhaged)
bhiggum (Goldie Wilson, too optimistic)
rob (Copernicus, should’ve had a Milk-bone)

Dread Pirate
Guy Patterson
Zee German

There’s eight of you left, so five for a majority.