Milkman here; DK is in the early stages of sleep.

The results of Fatten Mabel.

As you can see, May and Christy tied.

They were asked a tiebreaker question for HOH; closest without going over would be victorious.

The Question: What is the total number of words in the stories submitted for the the first two Battle of the Block writing challenges?

The Guesses:

May: 950
Christy: 1750

The Answer:


The New HOH: Christy Bubblepumpkin

Christy has nominated May and Carlos. “No hard feelings guys, these nominations are totally perfunctory, let’s all have a “blast” in the veto.”

When are you available? All four of you will be playing the next POV, and tonight is a possibility…maybe. Look at this spreadsheet and highlight the nights you’re available. If everyone’s available tonight, we can do it, but there’s setup involved.

The game is Multiverse Battleship. Place your battleship pieces on a 10×10 board, and share that document with us. The pieces have 5, 4, 3, 3 and 2 spaces. When the game starts, the four of you will be ordered somehow (probably random, but DK will determine) and when you attack a space, it attacks all four boards. When just one player is left, that player wins the Power of Veto and essentially the right to solely choose the next elimination.

Any extra rules, if necessary, will come later.