Alright, alright…let’s do this. Capping at 16 writers, if we get there.

If you’re interested in playing, say so here. If you’re interested in judging, email me so I can pick the two I respect most and then publicly lie and say they were the first two to respond.

I agree with Sama (she said this months ago; you’ll have to trust me): the “Unlimited” idea is cool, but so are short deadlines. So, the word count will jump around as we go through the season.

As for themes, I’m all ears. My creative juices are being burnt out on Survivor XVII. I’ve got one.

By the way, this WILL coincide with Survivor XVII some. I’ll watch out for double-deadlines when the time comes.

In so far:

Annette Barron
Pete Bruzek
Brian David
Melissa Diamond
Matthew Gilman
Margaret Martin
Matt Novak
Christina Pepper
Jonathon Pope
Ian Pratt
Sama Smith
Abby Stansel
Peter Steinke
erik s
John Wreisner
Sarah Wreisner