Go check out the board. If you need me to spoil it for you…

Christy Bubblepumpkin won the final Power of Veto of this season. Christy can now decide whether to use the Veto on either Carlos or May (therby nominating Lester), or leave her nominations the same.

After we have the Veto decision, I’ll add it to this post. Then we’ll be ready for the remaining non-nominee to make the elimination vote. After that, we’ll get to the first part of the final HOH challenge.

Update: Here’s Christy: “I have chosen to use the Power of veto to save May – I went from being all excited to winning the veto to quickly realizing that I was put in the Kobayashi Maru. There comes a point in time when every player needs to show their cards and I have to do so now.”

With the Veto being used on May, Christy will automatically nominate Lester as the replacement.  So May, as the only eligible voter, now must make a decision to vote out either Carlos or Lester.  May, you have some time to make that decision if you need it.