Good morning, Houseguests. Here is Part 2 of your final HOH competition. May, having won Part 1, has advanced to Part 3, so Christy and Lester will be competing here. Let me turn the mic over to Sir Spookington:

Spooky: When I was about 12, I directed a short film called The Sacred Pillow. It’s funny to me even now, after all these years. There was a hero, a villain, and a Sacred Pillow. The Pillow’s sacred nature was not explained, which is part of why it made me laugh then and now.

Similarly, you two are looking for the Sacred Pillow. Just as similarly, I have no idea what’s so sacred about it. You’ll be looking on this spreadsheet. It’s 25 by 20. How many spots is that? It’s impossible to calculate, but I’m told it’s a lot.

You’ll be taking turns looking for the pillow. It won’t be a snake – it’ll be every other.

Four pillows have been placed 100% randomly. You’ll search a coordinate and your result will be announced: boiling, hot, warm, or cold. The three former are shown below the board. A result of “hot” (or whatever) means that there is at least one, but maybe more, pillows in that region around you, but there are none within the boiling range. Your result will be given publicly.

If a non-sacred pillow is found, it will no longer show up in your results. If you find the Sacred Pillow, of course, you win the challenge and advance to face May in Part 3.

But. You have a few of these powers, to be used along with moves. More than one can be used per turn, if you like.

Hidden Result. Obviously, this means your opponent will not learn the result of your look, even if you find a non-sacred pillow. You get three of these.

Which? You will learn which type of pillow is closest to the coordinate you choose. You only get one of these.

Obfuscate. The other player will not learn anything on his next turn unless he finds a pillow. Also, no powers can be used on his next turn. You get two of these.

That should be all you need to know. This would be a good one to play live, given the potential length, so let’s find a time.

You’re close, Houseguests. Happy hunting.

DK here: To determine player order for this one, we’ll go with prior competition wins from throughout the season (including BOB wins and HOH wins even when the player was later dethroned). By my count, Lester has 5 wins and Christy has 4, so Lester will go first.

We’ve determined that 8 PM Central on Friday night works for both competitors. I’ll be running this one by myself, like usual, most likely, so you’ll just send your moves to me.

See you on Thursday evening, Houseguests.