Let’s just kick it off with Spooky:

Spooky: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the final segment of the final HOH of the final game of Big Brother that will ever be played anywhere. No pressure.

Here’s the last spreadsheet you’ll need this season. There are twelve lost souls in the board – obviously, the twelve eliminated houseguests. The longer they’ve been lost, the more their souls are worth. So I say, for probably the only time, that nobody is worth more than Biff Slapcheese.

One of you will begin the game in any of the four corners, and then you’ll take turns moving one space to the north, south, east or west (this really will have to be played live). Once a space has been stepped on, it’s blacked out.

What you want is to step on a soul to claim it, and to avoid the other person from doing so.

This challenge ends when there are no more possible moves, because the board is blocked off, AND someone is ahead. If a player has no turns to make but the game is tied, then the player will be allowed to start again on any space including a soul space. Remember that if you find yourselves in a blocked-off region with no souls and someone is ahead, then the person ahead is the winner; if you’re behind, you should know what to avoid now, right?

If a segment is blocked off and the players are stuck in it and tied, they must play it through to see who gets the honor of starting the new run. If there’s only one way it can happen (that is, a long straight line), the mod will speed through the moves.

It could be that the entire board gets used. It could be that it ends somewhat quickly, with one soul found. I guess we’ll find out together.

It’s possible, though unlikely, that this could end in a 39-39 tie with all souls found, if that happens, the person who collected Biff will be the winner.

DK Here: May, as the winner of Part 1, will select the starting corner spot. Then Lester will make the first move from that spot and we’ll continue from there. Both of you told me tomorrow night should work for this, so we’ll schedule this challenge for tomorrow (Saturday) night at 8 PM Central.

One more left. Good luck to both of you.