This was…interesting. Less scoring than I maybe would’ve expected, but then again, about as much feinting as I figured, so maybe I should’ve expected less scoring. In the end, May picked up Spatula for 4 points and Lester (somehow) lifted Mabel for 3 points (that’s a Fat joke, guys, not any slight on Lester or anything…) meaning May Danderfluff wins Part 3 and is your final Head of Household.

May advances to the final 2, and must now select either Christy or Lester to be the final eviction to the Jury. May gets some time to figure that decision out, and I’ll update this post once that decision is in.

Update: Behind the Jump

May’s Vote: “Lester – My first ally, and one of my best. I honestly hate to do this, but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do.”

The thirteenth eviction from CdL Big Brother 2, and the eighth member of the jury is

Lester Sweetums

There’s too much I can say about Lester’s game in such a short space, but Lester is definitely one of the most distinctive, hardest-playing gamers we have here.  Well done to get so far.

So Christy and May will now face the Jury, each member of which will vote for one of them to win the game.  The eight Jurors will have until Monday night at 8 PM Central to send me up to one question for each finalist.  If you don’t have anything to ask one, or even both, of the finalists, that’s fine.  Once all the questions are in I’ll compile them, give them to the finalists and give them two days to answer the questions and make a final plea/statement if they wish.  I’ll post those answers and then give the Jurors another day to send me their vote for a winner.