The Jury had questions, and now Christy and May have answers. Click on through to read them.


From Carlos: In exactly 59 words describe your strategy for your BB game.

Lay low for the first half of the game, but never become the house pawn. Be on good terms with everyone in the game you may need their help. Control, but never let anyone realize it, even though it means giving others credit for your moves. Get a strong final 2 alliance you can ride with to the end.

From Gilgamesh: Let me be your best friend here, Christy. The jury room has a general lack of respect and understanding for your game and how it worked. This isn’t exactly a question, but I think the best thing you can do here is explain why your game worked so well for Big Brother AND why it wouldn’t have worked all that well for Survivor.

Ok, I understand completely why the jury feels the way it does about my game. I knew the biggest drawback of the way I played this game would be the fact that the jury would be completely in the dark about all that I accomplished, how instrumental I was behind the scenes in every elimination since the Prisca vote, and how I was one of two people who knew what was actually going on during the entire game. I address a lot of my alliances/strategies in other questions so I will focus on the Survivor/Big Brother difference here as you requested.

In Survivor, pre-merge you obviously want to get in on the group with the numbers, survive, and then post merge is when you need to wheel and deal and make sure if you think you are on the bottom of the alliance you make big moves to get yourself into a new alliance that you are more confident in. Big Brother, though, is built so that a big alliance really cannot run the show the whole way through because of the HoH system. Power shifts are the norm in Big Brother.

Since the HoH cannot win back to back weeks, oftentimes players will win HoH, do a big move, and then get sent packing the next week because they become the house’s new target. The best BB players instead of winning tons of HoHs instead use other people’s HoHs to get their work done for them. That way you get to be HoH as many times as you want. The problem with playing this way is that it can get you seen as a useless player to everyone and then you start getting nominated every week as the house pawn to get targets out and no one respects you and you have no shot.

I’ve tried to play Big Brother the Survivor way it and got me chopped out of the game early on as a big threat. So coming into the game I knew I had to change up my strategy big time, I wanted to play more of this subtle way in this game but I knew I had to walk the tightrope of never becoming that house pawn. This became even clearer when Dan revealed the big twist that this season would involve writing. Obviously, I am a terrible writer. I almost did not play because I was so self-conscious about my writing abilities but I love Big Brother too much to do such a thing. So instead I had to think about how I could use that to my advantage in a BB game.

I decided to steer into the curve, from that first Battle of the Block when it was me and you up there I made sure to talk about as much as possible how bad I was at writing. I wanted no one to perceive me as a threat to them whatsoever challenge wise, but I also wanted to appear to be a loyal soldier to those I was in good with at the time (obviously this changed a lot throughout the game from Lester/Spatula early on to then Carlos/Jameson to then non-writers) so people would not want to nominate me.

I have a feeling if this were Survivor I would most likely have been a pre-merge boot. But if I was able to make it to the merge I think I could have had a chance to do some damage because I did have a lot of relationships and a lot of knowledge about what was going on in the game but I never wanted to let anyone know that I possessed it.

From Mabel: Please provide the correct answer – Three racist nieces crow?

Four sexist pigs squeal “oink oink, mama.”

From Pillow: What do you think contributed most to you getting this far?

I think what has contributed the most to getting me to the Final 2 was my ability to work with people who either showed disloyalty to me or who I showed disloyalty to earlier in the game.

For example, early on in the game Carlos leaked a move of mine in the Lights Out challenge to Dusty. Now this turned out to be a big boon for me because it let me get in good with the Lester/Spatula/Pillow side of the house early on because my target was Carlos, Carlos, Carlos for the early part of the game. However, once I made the decision to target Lester/Spatula in the game when May and I compared notes and realized they had made final 3’s with a lot of people I had to then start working with Carlos’ side of the house. This was obviously not an easy thing to do since Carlos knew I had been throwing his name around a lot throughout the game AND I had gone against them with the Prisca vote, but we came to good terms and for the entire second half of the game I worked well with him.

Another instance of this happening with Carlos was during the Final 6 veto challenge. During the challenge May floated the idea that it might be best to nominate me if Carlos won to continue to keep us secret. Seeing the value of keeping us secret but not wanting to get nominated ( because I did not trust Lester to keep me over Mabel) I went into full on anti-Carlos mode during the challenge telling Carlos that May told me I would be going up if he won. So I absolved myself of blame, kept May and I hidden, and made sure Carlos lost that veto. But the next week when Carlos won HoH, I had done a good enough job covering my tracks so that I did not get nominated.

That was obviously very crucial since Carlos was a challenge beast down the stretch and I needed his help to remove the targets I needed removed from the game. We were close down to the Final 4 veto where May, Lester and I were all united in working against Carlos but Carlos was still trying to work with me in the challenge which did give me some helpful information that I was able to use to make sure we knocked him out of that challenge.

Another example of this was with Mabel. Again, Mabel nominated me early on in the game which made it a great, easy fake target for me to tell people that I would nominate if I won HoH. But, I tried to keep good relations with her especially in the post-jury part of the game where I had lost a couple of my fake allies in Jameson and Gilgamesh and I needed to start hedging my bets just in case May was not being forthright with me about being in a Final 2 with me. For a brief moment I even considered going against May when she was on the block and made an agreement with Mabel (I did tell May about it but said that it was fake) to watch each other’s backs going forward. However, I just did not see going that way would be as clear a path to the end as sticking with May would prove to be.

Final example of this was with Lester, I knowingly threw an atomic bomb at my relationship with Lester when I nominated Lester and Spatula. However, I knew at some point down the road I would need some non-writers to join up with me to help take down some challenge threats for later in the game. So I tried to stay on good terms after that point, working with him on the Gilgamesh vote and then really solidifying things around the final 5 where we agreed to work to get Pillow out and then Carlos out. All of that really would not have been possible if I didn’t try to remain open to work with anyone to get my goals accomplished.

From Jameson: Describe your alliances. How did they begin? How did they change as the game moved?

I had a lot of them. So, I’ll try my best to explain them in a logical order:

My strongest alliance in the game was my secret Final 2 alliance with May. We got together around the time of the Prisca vote out and officially got together but before that we were always on good terms as in character “besties”. We called ourselves the “Deniable Distance Besties” or #DDB as I alluded to in my Final 5 vote for Pillow. I knew from previous games that a strong partner you totally can trust and rely on is invaluable in this game, however everyone else knows that too. So when a strong pair is identified they are dealt with swiftly (see Spatula/Lester and you/Carlos for examples from this game).

So I always emphasized the need for us to remain under the radar, which as the game went on this became more and more difficult. So we had to communicate less and less which is when we thought of our name. But I’ve never been so on the same page as someone before. Each week we would pick our targets and then go to work, we were always thinking on the same lines. After the re-vote out of Gilgamesh we got out exactly who we wanted out every single week without anyone ever knowing that we were a thing through the Final 4 challenge. Although, I did love dropping the hint in my Final 5 vote and I thought I had made it clear in my Final 4 veto speech that May and I had been a thing all along but I’m not sure if that got picked up on even still.

But the fact remains, both of us would not be in the Final 2 if we did not make the conscience decision to work together as secretly as we did. I know it made the jury’s job almost impossible to figure out what had been really going on throughout the whole game but I knew it was what I needed to do to stay alive.

Ok, so now that that alliance is listed I can cover the others because I cannot talk about the others without that main alliance overshadowing everything. My first alliance in the game was kind of forced upon me from the first HoH challenge where I had to be the “Kingmaker” (I really thought my game was over right there way back when) and tried to form a good relationship with Gilgamesh. I tried to keep this alliance going as the game moved on but I always got the vibe I was never really in Gil’s game plans.

In the week 2 HoH Rome competition I decided to use the first round as a way to get in good with the people who seemed to be the biggest talkers on Diplochat up to that point. So I used a unique strategy to do it: I shot at them round 1. Of course I told Prisca, Pillow and Lester that I used to make the decision (but come on does anyone really use when they say they do?) but I did it intentionally to start to get in good with people who I thought would be power players early on. So that got me in with the Lester/Pillow/Spatula crowd as well as with Prisca.

I unfortunately had to eventually go against Prisca because it became clear from what I was hearing that she was siding with the Carlos/Gilgamesh/Jameson crowd and I did not want that side to get too powerful so I had to make the tough decision to sever that tie.

But I did work with Spatula and Lester for a few weeks including making a fake final 3 deal with them (well they made the deal with me which is always unsettling since you know you are the 3rd). The week after they made the final 3 deal with me is when May approached me and we compared notes and realized that we needed to get rid of Lester and Spatula since they were getting too much influence in the house. So we used them to get the HoH and then turn on them (I won’t go into all the details about that here since I discuss it in Lester’s question).

However, I did try to keep on somewhat good terms with both of them just in case further on I needed either of them to help me out. So I helped them get rid of Gilgamesh the second time around because that seemed like a no brainer decision and then I teamed up with Lester again towards the end of the game to help get out writers/jury threats like Mabel/Pillow and Carlos.

I used my HoH week to get away from Lester/Spatula and begin to work with you and Carlos as part of our plan to have May on one side of the house and me on the other. While I appreciated the loyalty you both showed to me, my true loyalty was always with May. But developing that good relationship with Carlos was instrumental to my end game because he was a big help in getting rid of some people that we needed taken care of.

I did try to start working with Mabel a bit around the time that May was nominated because I did start to grow a bit weary of May because she seemed to be putting off getting rid of Lester or Spatula for a week or two and I was starting to wonder if I was getting used by her. So, I toyed with the idea of getting together with May and Carlos and ditching May but it was actually a blunder of mine that stopped me ultimately from making the decision and probably costing me the game.

When I went to message Mabel about this arrangement I actually sent it to May. I immediately realized what I did and was able to cover my tracks as best as I could by saying I was planning to tell her anyway but it was just a fake alliance I was making since I was losing Jameson that week and wanted some more protection from whoever the next HoH was. Now some people when they made that mistake would have pushed harder to get May out and potentially have the word get back to May but I think my decision to stick with May as my best route forward and show her that my word was good despite all these fake alliances I had is ultimately why I’m here today. Sometimes the move you don’t make can become your best move.

My final alliance was with Pillow. I have to say I really enjoyed working with Pillow and I considered Pillow at many points throughout the game as my second best option going forward after May. I really tried to keep this relationship going as a potential backup plan in case May turned on me at some point. What was tricky about this was the fact that May and Pillow were also close so I would constantly have to throw hints in to Pillow to make it seem like May and I were not close at all, such as “Oh May has not talked to me at all since nominations” or something along those lines.

However, I knew my alliance with Pillow was over when I tried to make a deal before the final 5 HoH where if Pillow won they would not nominate me and I would not nominate me. Now Pillow was already my target going into that week but when Pillow was unwilling to take that deal I knew I definitely had to cut them.

So that’s the story on all my alliances, I may have missed some machinations in there but that is as good an overview as I can give.

From Lester: I worked hard to ensure you won HOH because the plan was to get Gil out with the veto, you ended up putting me up instead. Was this an impulsive decision or did you think there was any strategic merit? Please guide me through the decision if it was strategic.

No decision I made in the game was impulsive, they were all well-thought out strategic moves even though they may have seemed haphazard or crazy at the time. A large portion of my game was built on incredible deception, never letting anyone realize how close May and I were, even though I knew people in the jury would develop a horrible viewpoint of my game. The week I was HoH was actually the point where May and I set the stage for how the rest of the game would play out even though people didn’t really realize it until it was too late.

So, heading into that week May and I were already established as a solidified Final 2. We had made the agreement prior to the Prisca vote out week. We decided that it would be best to split up you and Spatula the week after I ended up being HoH. However, you and Spatula were really pushing for us to become HoH so we realized we just had to go along with the flow and not make any waves. We were still probably 75-80% sure we would wait to split you guys up and ride out the fake alliance for another week but we would at least get the power to make that decision.

However, during that HoH comp we submitted a move that was slightly different from the move you had suggested we make and you freaked out (rightfully as it turned out). But your reaction made it clear to me that this was a problem that had to be dealt with immediately since it seemed like I had lost your trust over a minor thing, and I would prefer to blindside you before you blindsided me. So in my mind you were indeed the target when I nominated you.

But this also let us put into action our plan that allowed us to make it to the end of the game. I would make the nomination and May would act totally blindsided by it as well. Then May could remain with the Lester/Spatula/Pillow side of the house and I got back into the good graces of Gilgamesh, following betraying him with the Prisca vote, by not nominating him and start “working” with the Gilgamesh/Carlos/Jameson side. This way we would watch out for each other and no matter who won HoH we would have say to make sure that who we wanted was a target and eliminate them.

Now obviously a wrench was thrown into this master plan when Spatula played the Diamond veto and put Gilgamesh up. Immediately following that decision though, May and I were still thinking it was best to split up Lester/Spatula but then Gilgamesh couldn’t help Gilgameshing up (but that’s why we all love him so much !). After I told him I was not nominating him I could totally see the way he was treating me changed completely once he realized he had life in the game again and started exerting his power again, the switch in his persona really freaked me out, as much as I know having a target like him in the game would be great to hide behind I also know he is a force to be reckoned with and it was looking like it would be too much to control.

This was confirmed following the Spatula veto play when I said to Gilgamesh, it’s ok we can still get Lester out as planned and he replied saying something along the lines of “yeah I guess I could have been convinced to take Lester out over Spatula.” That really rubbed me the wrong way at the time and I immediately went to May and said we need to take Gilgamesh out and May had the exact same feeling as me. So I leaked out the information that I would not use my tiebreaker vote to save Gilgamesh and the vote turned against him and that is how you got saved. I then as planned moved onto the Carlos/Jameson side of the house while keeping up a good relationship with Pillow so I would have a good backup plan if May screwed me over.

Christy’s Final Statement:

I just want to start by saying I had a blast playing this game this season and I can totally understand why it would be perceived that I was a mindless floater throughout the whole game. Secrecy and letting other people think they were the strategic masterminds behind moves was a big part of my strategy to make sure I was never the house’s next big target – which led to me never being a final HoH nominee this entire season, which I still can’t believe I was able to pull off.

May and I worked both sides of the house but I feel I had the more difficult tightrope to walk. May just needed to continue working with the side she was always with, I needed to go work with people I voted against the week before (Prisca) and then had a hand in eliminating another one of them on my HoH week (Gilgamesh) and I was able to do so successfully.

I never made a single move in this game without putting strategic thought behind it, even when it came to something as small as “oh should I message May or Pillow” on Diplochat right now, what might people think. I would often sit and watch Diplochat and see how people were interacting, when people’s interactions with each other increased, who wasn’t interacting with me but with others which itself gave me a lot of valuable information throughout the game.

I played hard, but I played intentionally quiet. I know that may kill me in the end but it was what I felt was needed to make sure I was protected on all sides week to week. I hope you take the time to read my answers to your questions to show you how involved I was with the game. I have no regrets with how I played and I hope after learning all of this information you will think I’m a worthy choice to be the next CdL Big Brother champion.


From Carlos: In exactly 59 words describe your strategy for your BB game.

I tried to stay hidden in the first half. I was brought into an alliance last, so I made a couple of friends outside of that alliance, and waited. When the time was right, and the heads of my alliance made themselves into suitably large threats, I ensured that they were each removed and that Christy and I weren’t.

From Gilgamesh: Alright, you knew this was coming: why did you bother lying to me (repeatedly) about your votes? It was early and there was no benefit, that I can see, from you doing so. From what I can tell, you spent a lot of time trying to break up alliances that didn’t actually exist.

You assume that I had no reason. This is untrue. I had teamed up with Christy early, and Mabel shortly after. That, combined with the alliance that I had with Spatula, Pillow, and Lester gave me a clear road to the finish. What I needed to do was keep everyone as in the dark about my motives (especially with Christy) as possible. You, in particular, had shown yourself to be a person who would give out information as a way of retaining use or keeping yourself out of trouble. Since you weren’t in my plans going forward (and since you were clearly a good player), I had nothing to gain by giving you any information. I could have simply been upfront that I was going to vote out Prisca when I did, but since I knew that you preferred Mabel’s elimination over Prisca’s, I chose to pacify you to ensure that you didn’t go to someone else more willing to see your side of things (or, even if you did, there wouldn’t be the same tenacity to it). So far as being deceptive after the fact, I decided that the less information that people who were not my allies had, the better it was for me in the long run. I stand by that.

As far as breaking up alliances that didn’t exist, I wasn’t entirely certain whether or not you, Jameson, and Carlos were a thing (and even if you weren’t, you will admit that Jameson clearly was more with you than he was with other folks in this game, and Carlos did eulogize you as a “good ally”). Even if you weren’t a thing, since I was heavily working with Christy and Mabel, I only needed one of the three of you to help with whittling down the Core Four. Setting it up to be an “us against them, and there totally is a ‘them’” situation was less messy (and therefore, easier for me to control) than any other course of action.

From Mabel: Please provide the correct answer – Rice cheers a winter frost?

Traditional rice enjoys a long, warm growing season, so that’s straight out. Even though “wild rice” (which isn’t exactly related to the more traditional Asian rice) works pretty well in some of the colder climates (like those that occur in the upper Midwest), but I wouldn’t exactly say that it “cheers” a winter frost. Still, I would advise Wild Rice. It tastes better in soup, anyway.

…aaand I’m pretty sure that your question is a reference or anagram or something, but I can’t make heads or tails of it. If you want, I can get you a pretty delicious wild rice soup recipe after the season is over.

From Pillow: How did you most influence the course of this game?

I’m tempted to put Gilgs’ first elimination here, because I worked damned hard on securing that one (Pillow and Spatula know what I’m talking about), but I have to go with Mabel’s elimination. On that one, I had to walk a tightrope between curating the elimination an ally (sorry again, Mabel), while at the same time not alienating Carlos, even though I put him on the block and ended up having to leave him there. Mabel was closer to me than Carlos was, but I was going to run into a wall before too long with too many people of like mind. Keeping Carlos cemented that there was going to be another target, and not completely alienating him meant that I stood a better chance of not being nominated in the next round if he happened to win HoH (and wouldn’t you know…)

From Jameson: You had a nonsub. Why?

I lost track of time that day. There were extenuating circumstances, but they aren’t really relevant to the game, and no one wants to hear excuses. I will mention that Mabel also had a nonsub (though the circumstances around that were suspicious, and were, in fact, part of what made me start being suspicious of her), and Pillow did as well.

From Lester: If you knew the jury wouldn’t consider you eliminating me at final three to be a big move, would you still have done it? Why?

The short answer is “yes”. The long answer is as follows:

I had made up my mind to eliminate you before the final challenge, because Christy and I had talked final two (I made a point that she was the only person I talked final two with during the game). During the final challenge, you made a move about seven moves in that, by all rights, should have lost you the game. I could have ended it immediately. Feeling a bit of sympathy for you for what was about to happen, I made a different move, and the game went on. Then, rather than backdooring you, I talked to you and let you plead your case. One of the last things you brought up to me was how you and Spatula had covered for me after my nonsub. While I certainly appreciated that, that debt was paid many times over (or did Spatula not tell you how hard I had to work to get Gilgs eliminated instead of you?).

I say this, because I’m not sure that eliminating you is exactly the “big move” that your question presupposes it is. While ‘Lestula’ was a force in the early goings of the game, your influence had diminished toward the back half, partly because Christy and I had begun undermining things, and partly because everyone could see you two for what you were – the ostensible heads of the main alliance in the game. The question was never if we were going to trim you down, the question was when and which one of you would be the casualty (Spatula, obviously). When Gilgs told me that the two of you were inseparable, I had already been planning exactly how I was going to separate you for a month.

With Spatula gone, you gravitated to me, and I was able to do in the open (that is, working towards eliminating people that I considered to be a threat) what I’d already been doing in private chats with Christy, Mabel, Pillow, etc for a long time prior.

So, basically, I would’ve eliminated you anyway, but I didn’t eliminate you because it was some big move that I thought would win me the game, or because I was worried about you beating me.

May’s Final Statement:

A week or two into the game, Spatula approached me and invited me to an alliance. I was overjoyed, and accepted immediately. Spatula then uttered the words “We want to add you as our fourth.”

Being the obvious pawn in a group of four was freeing. It meant that I had a group that I could count on…right up to the point where I wouldn’t be able to count on them anymore. It also left me free to explore other avenues. I solidified my position with Christy, and the “Besties” pulled the strings from behind the scenes for the rest of the game. Whenever she was in trouble, I had the influence to guide conversation in a different direction, and vice versa. What I mean to say is this: there was always a plan.

That Christy and I are in the final two is not a coincidence. That neither of us were ever in any real trouble isn’t, either. I think that what I did (winning HoH three times, including the all-important final HoH; orchestrating pretty much every elimination from Dusty Rutabaga onward; keeping my hidden alliance-mate off my group’s radar even after she nominated two of them; etc, etc, etc) is enough to get me the win. Maybe it doesn’t seem that way to you. All I can say is that I had a plan from early on and executed it the way I wanted to.


There you have it. The power now rests in the jury’s hands. Jurors, please send me a vote for either Christy or May to win Big Brother 2. I’ll give you a couple days to make your decision, so the votes will be due by Friday night at 8 PM Central. Come back then when we will announce the winner and you’ll learn all the players’ identities you haven’t figured out yet.