Alright, Prosers. I said we’d cap the season at 16 writers, so here we are with 18 (wait, what?). It’s the people on the list plus Pope, who I haven’t added yet, but probably will after this – so ignore the part about him not being on the list.

Your judges:

Colin Wolfson. Has not judged before. Be gentle.
Me. Judges you even when you’re not writing. Tough talk is welcomed.

I need a gatherer or two for this season as well; I always assume Pete’s good to go but more is better.

Your season flow will look like this:

WEEK A: Deadlines on Monday and Thursday; short word limits
WEEK B: Deadline on Thursday only; long word limit

Please allow some time for the Thursday one to go up, depending on the number of words I give you.

Medals. Three gold, three silver and three bronze for each challenge from each judge. Eighteen people is kind of handy like that.

This season, you’ll be writing in the vein of one of your CdL contemporaries for each challenge. That is to say, I’ve distilled a bunch of you down to narrow, perhaps-unfair stereotypes. It’ll be fun!

This challenge is the Bret Highum Challenge. Is Bret even doing this season? I don’t remember. Anyway, your task is to write a central character that’s an emotionally repressed redneck. From there, it’s a wide open playground. The word limit is 150 and it’s due Monday night the 11th at 9pm Central.

Playoffs? I’m glad you asked. We’ll do the usual thing. Six make the playoffs. Two head straight to the semifinals while the other four do a challenge where two advance. Then two of four advance from the semifinals. Then the finals happen, and we see which of Ian and the two Wreisners is left out.

Alright, Prosers, let’s have some fun with this. Word limits will be found organically; let me know after the first cycle if you’re feeling stifled. Okay, off you go.