Here we are, Survivors! One month and seven replacements later, we have our game. I also miscounted the men, so rather than four tribes of eight like I told you before, there are actually three tribes of eleven. So let’s get this marathon started, eh? I’m going to dump the challenge on you here, followed by some Immunity Idol chatter, and then try to answer the questions that will inevitably come up, what with there being seventeen(!) new players this season.

Diplochat is ready and I’ll be emailing you with info how to get in within the hour.

First of all, welcome. Nice to see you. This uncharacteristic politeness is for the benefit of the new players; I’ll devolve into occasionally-surly cornball soon enough.

Have you subscribed to the site? You should think about it. I’ll only give email heads-up a few times at the beginning before stopping.

The challenge, a new one, is called We’ll Cross the Streams, because when I make pop culture references, they’re always comically dated ones (this isn’t even the only Ghostbusters reference in a challenge title this season. That wasn’t intentional, but here we are). First, have a look at the season’s first spreadsheet. Does it look like we’re falling into an abyss, or does it look like a mountain is pointing up at us? Ignore this pseudo-existential quandary, and let’s move on.

The story of this challenge is that you’ll eventually be placing your four Ghostbusters in the black spaces, trying to wipe out the other tribes’ ghosts. The tribe with the fewest ghosts remaining will lose the challenge and go to tribal council.

The first part is for the ghosts to be placed. Each person will have until Sunday at 10pm Central (all my times are given in Central, since a majority of my players live there) to give me the position of one of the tribe’s eleven ghosts. Any person who doesn’t do this is willfully sacrificing a ghost for his or her tribe, and will also be a nonsub for the challenge (to be explained below).

Rules for Placement: On each of the colors inside black, your team must place two ghosts, with the exception of the crimson inner section, where there will just be one. Once a person sends his ghost, it’s locked in and cannot be changed. If you screw up and put too many ghosts in a section, the last ones sent to me are sacrificed and lost. Got it so far? I swore the first challenge would be an easy one…

On Sunday night, I’ll update the public board by showing you all where the ghosts were placed. You’ll then have until Monday night at 9pm Central to place your tribe’s four Ghostbusters. Just one person will do this part. The Ghostbusters go on the black spaces and they eradicate any ghosts between their streams, as long as they match up across, down or diagonally. That is, if two Ghostbusters are across from each other on the board at spaces E8 and S8, everything on the 8 row will be taken out.

If Ghostbusters from different tribes match up across, down or diagonally, that’s irrelevant, so there’s no way to work with a tribe to eliminate a third (and you can’t talk to them yet anyway).

There…that should be it, although you should email me at with any questions. There are also longtime Spookymilk Survivor players on every tribe who can probably help, if they choose to.

Now, the nonsub business. “Nonsub” is Casa de Leche slang for what happens when someone fails to submit something I need for the challenge. To smoke out people who aren’t engaged, when someone nonsubs the challenge, they also will automatically cast a vote for themselves at tribal council if their tribe loses.

Early on, to really get rid of them, the rule is that any tribe with at least one nonsub will go to tribal. That is, if all three tribes have at least one nonsub, then they’ll all be voting someone out this time around. Never fear, though; if this happens, I’ll still have an incentive for you to win this challenge as a tribe. If it happens, I’ll let you know when the time comes.

Finally, the Idol business. There will be four placed within the first couple of weeks. In fact, one is up now, and another will be by the end of the day. When the other two are hidden, I’ll let you know.

At the merge, I may hide one more, but that’ll depend on how many are still out there. If four people still hold them, I highly doubt I’ll hide a fifth. If you want to know more about how I hide idols, head down to the “Survivor Two Worlds: Welcome” post and read about it.

Finally finally – I promise – name your tribes!

Tribes can be found on the sidebar.

Your tribes are named by color at the moment, but for flavor, I allow each tribe in this game to provide its own name. Just one person will do this, and once they do, it’s locked in. It’s common for players to jump in and secretly name a tribe, but with all the new players and relationships here, hopefully that won’t happen. Note that innuendo often happens in these tribe names, but there’s a line I won’t cross this season, as this is an “all ages” affair. Once I get the name, I’ll change it on the sidebar. Once I have all three, I’ll change them in Diplochat.

Okay…that should be everything. Most posts won’t be anywhere near this long, but with this many players, I’m trying not to miss anything.

Cheers, Survivors.