What up, Survivors? The bad news: your team had a nonsub. The good news: so did the others!

Here’s the updated spreadsheet.

Now, just one person will send the four coordinates of the ghostbusters that will stand on the black spaces and eradicate anything between them, as long as they meet diagonally, horizontally or vertically. I don’t care which of you does this, but once someone does, then only that person can override this and change the plan via email.

You have until Monday night at 9pm Central to get this done.

Since all three teams had at least one nonsub, which is impressive since there were only four total, you’ll all be heading to tribal after this where the person who nonsubbed will automatically cast a vote for him or herself. However, the winning team will still get something pretty good; I’ll announce it publicly after the challenge.

Note that Blue had two nonsubs. Orange and Green also had too many people on the second segment inward, so they each lost a person; this means all three tribes have nine ghosts on the board.

There is also a space where two different ghosts are standing (from orange and green).

If there’s a draw for the win, then the winner will be which tribe has more of its outward ghosts surviving. That is, ghosts in the farthest outer ring are worth most, and so on. This will only come into play if there’s a draw, so don’t obsess over it too much.

Okay, I think that’s all I need to say here. Tomorrow night you’ll get full results and I’ll start the call for votes. Facebookers, I don’t to tribal council live; you’ll have plenty of time to get me your vote. I’ll explain everything at that time.

Cheers, Survivors.