Good news! Two of your tribes have names. That’s pretty much where the good news about the tribe names stops, so let’s move on.

So, how did this thing turn out? Take a gander at the results spreadsheet.

As you can see, both Munsell Blue and Bahambo finished with four ghosts left, but Bahambo had two on the second inward ring, defeating the two by Blue.

Your reward, Bahambo, is that you’ll be able to sit out a challenge. If you think you’ll be terrible at it or you just want to spend three days straight drinking, you won’t be in the challenge and therefore cannot lose and head to tribal council. You have to announce your intentions to do so within two hours of the challenge announcement, unless otherwise specified. If we merge or swap tribes, you’ve obviously given up your right to do so.

Now, the bad news. Of course, you’ve already heard it, so whatever. You will need to send a vote for elimination by tomorrow night (Tuesday) by 10pm Central. That’s everyone – except the four nonsubs (Buster Lowdown, Bubbles Tipsy, cardinalsfan123 and Mr. Rainbow), who will vote for themselves automatically. If you fail to vote, you will automatically vote for yourself.

Also, you can make voting comments that I’ll read along with your vote. They’ll be kept anonymous. Keep them short, if you do them. They’re mostly a chance to joke around; we don’t get real game-serious with them most of the time.

Tomorrow night at 10 (I wish it could be earlier, but the work schedule is poor) I’ll read the 33 votes and chuck three of you from the game. If there are ties, they’ll be first broken by nonsubs. Nonsubs can’t win ties. Secondly, if necessary, there will be a one-on-one challenge that I’ll run with the tied people via email.

Also, I hope you’re keeping your identities secret. I can’t stress this enough. This is totally unrelated and let’s return to the subject at hand.

Except one other thing: I’ve only had the chance to place one idol, so expect another tonight if I can decide where to put it. I have too many ideas.

Alright. Get to voting now. NOW I SAY

Cheers, Survivors.