Well, Survivors, we’ve got 33 votes to get to, so let’s not dawdle. We’ll start with Umoja, since they were the first to have all their votes in.

Vote One: cardinalsfan123. (nonsub vote)

Vote Two: cardinalsfan123.

Vote Three: cardinalsfan123. “It’s just an obvious choice.”

Vote Four: cardinalsfan123. “Seems like they’re gonna get quite a few votes and I’d rather it be them than me”

Vote Five: cardinalsfan123. “I would like to vote cardinal fan because my sister lives in St. Louis and goes to all their games and I’m jealous so sorry cardinal fan you remind me of my sister.”

Vote Six: cardinalsfan123. “my Vote is for cardinalsfan123 cuz they didnt submit And the cards SUck go brewers!!”

Vote Seven: cardinalsfan123.

Vote Eight: cardinalsfan123.

Vote Nine: cardinalsfan123. “The no show has got to go. Go Cubs!”

Vote Ten: cardinalsfan123. “nonsubs aren’t worth my commenting energy!”

Vote Eleven: cardinalsfan123. “Hey.

Voting for Cardinalsfan123 to get iced. Eff that ho. Cue dramatic music/chipmunk. Hardwood out.”

First Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: cardinalsfan123

Real names will be withheld until the end of the game. Sorry!

Okay, Bahambo: you’re up next because the last tribe’s vote is slightly closer than yours.

Vote One: Mr. Rainbow. (nonsub vote)

Vote Two: Mr. Rainbow.

Vote Three: Mr. Rainbow.

Vote Four: Mr. Rainbow. “RRrrR hate non sub. RRRrrRrr also no like RrrrRainbows anyway. RRRrrrrRrr vote forrrRRRrrrr MrrrrrRrrrR RrrrrRRrainbow.”

Vote Five: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Six: Mr. Rainbow. “Such great potential with that name too, makes me sad to see it wasted by a nonsub.”

Vote Seven: Mr. Rainbow.

Vote Eight: Mr. Rainbow. “Pvt Rainbow was AWOL. Got no patience for deserters, man.”

Vote Nine: Mr. Rainbow. “i guess this game was somewhere over u”

Vote Ten: Mr. Rainbow. “looks like your pot of gold isn’t in survivor”

Vote Eleven: Mr. Rainbow. “Fun Fact: Salmon cannot survive more than four hours without their group. Oftentimes, a group of Salmon will shun a straggler to increase the group’s chances for survival.”

Second Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Mr. Rainbow

Normally after eliminations I come up with snappy game-related crap, but there’s really not much I can add to a nonsub elimination.

Finally, let’s hear from Conceptual Innuendo.

Vote One: Buster Lowdown. (nonsub vote)

Vote Two: Bubbles Tipsy. (nonsub vote)

Vote Three: Federal Shampoo. (missed vote)

Vote Four: Buster Lowdown.

Vote Five: Bubbles Tipsy. “Something about bubbles makes me think I could destroy them with just a little poke of a finger. Poke.”

Vote Six: Buster Lowdown.

Vote Seven: Bubbles Tipsy. “Wish at least one of them would show up.”

Vote Eight: Buster Lowdown.

Vote Nine: Buster Lowdown. “he hasn’t showed up and he needs to go!”

Vote Ten: Buster Lowdown.

Vote Eleven: Buster Lowdown. “Bubbles just earns more dollar bills. Sorry B.”

Third Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Buster Lowdown

Alright, half the dead weight’s gone, my baby Blues.


Challenge Two is Mathasaurus’s Mathtacular Math Challenge, with your host, me, Mathasaurus! Hey, gang! What better way is there for me to welcome new players into the world of Casa de Leche than to bring back one of the site’s characters that they have no reference point for? On the other hand, math opens up a world of enchantment and wonder. I couldn’t stay away, gang!

For this challenge, everyone has been given a number; each tribe has people numbered 1-10. The numbers were allocated semi-randomly. I’ll send you your numbers – as a tribe – shortly after this post goes up. I might forget, gang. I’m a math dinosaur, and the tiny brain isn’t built for remembering things!

There will be five rounds of this game. In each round, two of your players will be submitted together (the submission must be made by one of those two players). For instance, if the Mahatndi tribe wants to submit Falbo Groinley and Governess Hatchback and their 61 points (impossible) for a round, then either Falbo or Governess must send me the email.

Once I have all three submissions for a round, I’ll update a new spreadsheet showing you the totals that each tribe submitted. The tribe with the highest submission for the round will get a point. If there’s a tie, then the tied teams will get half a point (if all three teams tie, I won’t bother allocating points).

All you have to do is not be the tribe with the smallest number of points at the end. That tribe will eliminate a player.

But wait – there’s more. Each team has fifteen points in a cache that can be used in any given round. So, if Falbo and Governess weren’t totally sold that they’d win their round, they could add a few (or all) of the points to that round. If you make the submission for your tribe and want to use these, they MUST be in that same email. No changing your mind in this one.

If we get to the end and teams are tied for last place, then the team with the largest number of points left in their cache will be the winner.

When I update, I’ll post the names of the players submitted as well as the team’s total number of points submitted, but I won’t break down anything else.

Got it? Cool. There are five submission periods. The first is due tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm Central. The second is due at 9pm Central tomorrow. Thursday will be the same, and on Friday we’ll finish. If tribes submit quickly, we’ll move the game along. This rarely happens, but it’s an option.

Does everyone get it? If not, have your smartest tribemate explain it to you.

I think that’s it. As always, ask questions if you need to. Cheers, gang!