Okay. Full disclosure: this is only the second idol I’ve placed. But it’s not even hidden! Pretty sweet, huh?

Here is the fish bowl. Dig my fancy spreadsheet art, gang!

There’s room for ten slips of paper in that fish bowl. If you want a shot at this Idol, you have to email me and say you want to have your name on one of them. Once I get ten names, I’ll randomly pick one (using random.org, as I always do for all things random) and will privately email that person back to let them know they got the Idol.

But here’s the catch, little fishies: if you submit your name, it will be displayed on the spreadsheet in the bowl. I’ll only pick a name if we reach ten, so if I hand out that idol, people will know it’s one of the ten of you. Is it worth the risk? I don’t know.

A note on idols I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet: they cannot be used to save a person who nonsubbed the most recent challenge.

If you want a chance at this, email me and I’ll put you in the bowl. Also, remember that you have a vote due tonight.

Cheers, Survivors.