Okay. Everyone voted early, so you get the challenge early. Well done, Umoja.

Aaaahhhhh, a good old single elimination. I don’t have to go searching for a massive number of votes! Let’s get in and out on this one, ’cause it wasn’t exactly a close call.

Vote One: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Two: Darth Sausage.

Vote Three: Darth Sausage.

Vote Four: Darth Sausage.

Vote Five: Darth Sausage. “Darth I’m voting you cause simply our tribe has to send someone home and after the challenge guess who was picked.”

Vote Six: Darth Sausage. “Just the name that’s going around. Better you than me.”

Vote Seven: Darth Sausage. “I think you spent a little too much time in a galaxy far far away.”

Vote Eight: Darth Sausage.

Vote Nine: Darth Sausage. “It seems to be the fad right now. Say hi to Darth Egg and Darth Pancake.”

Vote Ten: Darth Sausage. “*puts on sunglasses* The force was not strong enough with this one.


Fourth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Darth Sausage


The next challenge is called The Acronomicron. Don’t think too long and hard about how it should be pronounced; the pronunciation of the word will not be on the test.

Here’s your spreadsheet. There are fifteen categories here, and in each category there are six items. Your job is to get each category and item; there’s a point given for each correct answer (giving us a total of seven points per category). Your job is either to fill this entire sheet out first (or second), or send in the most correct answers.

When you have the answers you want to send, pass them along to me in email. Don’t just link me to your team spreadsheet, because then you could keep working if you wanted. Two teams will be immune once you all send these in before Saturday night at 9pm Central – the teams that score the highest. If there are ties, the tribe that sent their list in first will win the tie. Any person can send in the tribe’s answers, but once they do, they’re locked and cannot be changed.

In the case that the first tribe to send their answers has the entire list done (I’m not holding my breath; this one’s harder than last season’s), I’ll email everyone to let you know this is the case, so the other two tribes can really feel the pressure and spontaneously combust.

Is there anything more to this one? It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Cheers, Survivors.