Okay, kiddos. Here’s another boring elimination vote that doesn’t deserve even this meager introduction.

Vote One: Bubbles (missed vote).

Vote Two: Bubbles.

Vote Three: Bubbles.

Vote Four: Bubbles.

Vote Five: Bubbles.

Vote Six: Bubbles.

Vote Seven: Bubbles.

Vote Eight: Bubbles. “Nothing personal you’re just not around”

Vote Nine: Bubbles. “Poke!”

Vote Ten: Bubbles. “Operation #SaveBubbles has officially ended. Goodbye to the last nonsub.”

Fifth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Bubbles Tipsy

She came, she saw, she…wait, she didn’t do either of those things, or any others. I guess she’ll figure out that she was eliminated by the fact that she’ll be off the email list.

The next challenge is Unbroken Hangman, ’cause with me, even the easy ones are kinda hard. Each tribe has five boards to figure out. I have, however, left out the most helpful of all hangman weapons: the spaces. All the answers have at least two words, but the spaces have been removed.

To solve, five different people must send the guesses (although everyone is allowed to help via Diplochat on every board). If you take board #1, you must play it through to the end. When you submit to start a board, say which number it is, just so I can keep this somewhat organized.

You have until Thursday night at 9pm Central to finish your boards.


You earn points based on how badly you beat your opponents. The tribe with the smallest number of guesses on a board will gain points equal to the distance between them and the worst tribe. So if the tribes finish a board in 4, 6 and 7 moves, the best tribe will win three points, and the second-best will gain one. Got it? If not, don’t bog yourself down with math – just focus on doing well.

A “move” is either a letter or an attempt at the answer.

If there’s a tie for last place overall, both of the bottom teams will eliminate someone. If there’s a three-way tie, we’ll take out three people. I won’t always do this, but there are a lot of you.

Tonight I’m pretty busy, but can probably check in here and there. Tomorrow isn’t much better until about this hour. Wednesday is a bit better and Thursday, I’m off. I’ll try to keep the challenge moving in the hopes that we can finish early, but my schedule may not permit it.

If you fail to finish a board, your score for that board will be seven moves worse than the second-place finisher of the board, so let’s finish them.


Board 1: 13 letters
Board 2: 21
Board 3: 12
Board 4: 13
Board 5: 13

One last bone thrown: these are the categories, in some order.

Actor or Actress
Singer or Band
Video Game

The answers span many generations.

That should be everything. Cheers, Survivors.