We’ll have to see what happens with the next challenge. Andy is going to do his Diplochat maintenance this weekend, but since we’re done so early I’m trying to figure out how to shoehorn in a challenge by tonight for another vote tomorrow. What’s a good, quick challenge?

Vote One: Salamangela.

Vote Two: Salamangela.

Vote Three: Chasing Grain.

Vote Four: Chasing Grain.

Vote Five: Salamangela. “it’s your time to go may the odds be ever in your favor next time.”

Vote Six: Chasing Grain. “Another vote?! Again?!? Dammit Chloe!”

Vote Seven: Chasing Grain. “because i am tirard of chasing stuff after always chasing my damn kids -chad”

Vote Eight: Chasing Grain. “Tick tock.”

Vote Nine: Chasing Grain. “Sorry, but I’m gluten free.”

Sixth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Chasing Grain

Whew. What fun this was! The game has begun.

Now to sit here and mull over ways to eliminate one of you by tomorrow. Suggestions are welcome!

Cheers, Survivors.