Alright, Survivors. Soon after this post, you’ll be locked out of Diplochat for a day or three (I’ll give everyone an email when it’s back).

Vote One: Hope Martell.

Vote Two: Hope Martell.

Vote Three: Classified Ken.

Vote Four: Classified Ken.

Vote Five: Classified Ken. “Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, you’re not so classified anymore, Ken. IF THAT’S YOUR REAL NAME.”

Vote Six: Classified Ken. “Bringing the Freedom of Information Act up in this bitch.”

Vote Seven: Classified Ken.

Vote Eight: Classified Ken. “my vote is for classified because I think craig’s list is better sorry pal”

Seventh Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Classified Ken

Heh. These last two eliminations, dudes. I can’t wait to talk about them after the game is over.

I’ll now be contacting Andy, who wants to get “most of” the Diplochat work done tonight.

Cheers, Survivors.