You have three hours to do this. Any tribe that fails will be voting out a member, so we could see a triple here. If two tribes succeed first, the late tribe will vote someone out.

I’m not sure how well this challenge will go over, but I wanted to try something with a very short deadline and see what happened.

Find Immunity on this spreadsheet. If it’s more than one coordinate, it will be in a straight line. When you think you know where it is, email me the coordinates; however, each individual can only make a claim once every 30 minutes (time starts after each guess).

Is this too easy? Too hard? I guess we’ll find out. Your clock starts now, and this challenge ends at 2:13 pm, if not sooner. The vote will be due tonight, since there will be chat maintenance all weekend and the Diplochat site will be down.

Cheers, Survivors.

Update: CI and Bahambo have won Immunity. Umoja will vote by tonight.