Welcome back, Survivors! The wait was excruciating for me. How ’bout you? I hope you’re awake and ready to rock, because you’ve got a challenge due tomorrow night at 9pm Central. We’ll also have a one-day semi-live challenge on Thursday, so we’re returning with a bang.

Two-time winner and every-time dingus Matt Novak created this challenge for Survivor XIV, so I’ll reprint his original text here, with changes for due dates and such.


It is called Number Dilemma.

There are 20 boxes of numbers. They are labeled 1-20. The label corresponds to the number of points you get for claiming that box. So if you claim box 20, you get 20 points. If you claim box 3, you get 3 points. Each member of your team will claim just one box. Your team cannot claim the same number twice (if you do, the people who picked that number cancel each other out, and effectively no one from your team claimed those points). In order to claim the box you must e-mail me, telling me which box you are claiming.

Here’s where it gets fun: if only one team claims that number box, they get all the points (if only team A claims box 20, team A is awarded 20 points). If two teams claim that number, they will split the points (if teams A and B claim 20, each team is awarded 10 points. Half points will be rounded down, thus both teams making a claim on box 19 would get 9 points.). And if all 3 teams claim the number, no one gets the points.

In addition, the team with the most unique selections (meaning neither of the other teams selected that number) will be awarded 5 bonus points. If two teams have the same number of unique selections they will both get 3 bonus points. Tiebreaker is also the number of unique selections. The team with the fewest points will vote out a player. In the event that there is still a tie, after going to unique selections, then two teams will have to vote out a player.

Each member of each team must e-mail me their own selection. Obviously, we can only do up to seven people for each tribe, so Bahambo will sit three people, and CI will sit two. Someone from each of those tribes must name these people by 2pm Central tomorrow. In the case that the next challenge runs similarly with people sitting out (hint hint), you can’t sit out people two challenges in a row, so keep that in mind. Bahambo, because this challenge only works if all three teams participate, you can’t use your reprieve on this one. Don’t worry – you’ll get plenty more chances.

Any tribe with a nonsub will vote out a member.

Other tie talk: if this is a three-way draw, all tribes will eliminate someone. remember, nonsubs take precedence for draws, so if two tribes score low and just one has a nonsub, then only that one will vote.

Once you email me a number, it can’t be taken back. So make a solid plan, kids.