Let’s start with Conceptual Innuendo, because their vote is craptacularly one-sided.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Vote One: Federal Shampoo. (missed vote)

Vote Two: Federal Shampoo.

Vote Three: Federal Shampoo.

Vote Four: Federal Shampoo. “I don’t know what happened to you, but I need less regulation and more actually shampoo.”

Vote Five: Federal Shampoo. “Nothing personal”

Vote Six: Federal Shampoo. “[redacted]”

Vote Seven: Federal Shampoo. “Sorry Shampoo, time to rinse!”

Vote Eight: Federal Shampoo. “Time to wash this man right out of the tribe”

Vote Nine: Federal Shampoo. “you show up the least it seems like. And we need people to be here and be ready to go. I like to buy my shampoo local anyway.”

Eighth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Federal Shampoo

Ugh. This guy can play. He just…hasn’t for the past few years.

Bahambo, you’re up.

Same question about immunity, and such.

meaningful shots are shown of people who may have immunity idols. Nobody steps up.

Vote One: Harbor Breath (missed vote)

Vote Two: Corporal Clambake (missed vote)

Vote Three: Vernon Silvari (missed vote)

Nice f(*&kin’ participation, Bahambo.

Vote Four: Beef Stew.

Vote Five: Beef Stew.

Vote Six: Vernon Silvari.

Vote Seven: Vernon Silvari.

Vote Eight: Vernon Silvari.

Vote Nine: Vernon Silvari.

Vote Ten: Vernon Silvari. “VerRRRrrrrrRRRnon. Rrrrr knows he in trRrrouble. Rrrr just hoping more likeable monster stays on team and bossy unlikeable VerrrRrrnon voted away.”

Ninth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Vernon Silvari

He refused to pick a name from the list provided, he refused to go along with the tribe name that almost everyone had agreed on and entered “Bahambo” instead, and he refused to make the move the tribe agreed upon in one of the early challenges. I’m surprised he lasted this long. Lesson learned, eh?


At timed intervals, I’ll be putting questions up on a post. For the first one, I’ll just make the post, but for the others I’ll just update it. The first person to answer the question gets a point for his or her team, AND cannot answer any more questions. I intend to ask fourteen of them at half-hour intervals, and the tribe with the fewest points at the end will vote out a member. If a tribe gets all seven of their people to answer correctly, then both other teams will vote someone out. If there’s a draw otherwise, the tribe to get their points earliest will be immune.

If you’re the first to answer a question but you get it wrong, you will NOT be able to answer any more questions, and the next person on the list will get the point. I’ll be using EMAIL ONLY for these, so the timing is fair. If you answer in any other manner, your response will be ignored.

What are the questions about?! Well, I’ll give you more of that tomorrow morning.

If Bahambo pulls out of this challenge, the other two will go at it, and the first to five will win.

If you routinely talk to me online, then I wouldn’t mind you bugging me now and then to let me know it’s time for a question.

Tribes with more players, I need to know who you’re sitting out by tomorrow morning at 9am Central, whether I start before then or not. Bahambo, you need to sit two, and CI needs to sit one. They must be different from last time, and you have to tell me who they are or I’ll use random.org (and wipe away any earned points, if I have to).

I know this is somewhat vague, but it should be clear enough when it starts.

Cheers, Survivors.