Here it is, folks! A three-way bloodbath that’s sure to…

…urgent news coming in, sorry.

“Bahambo is sitting out this challenge. May your days be Bahambo and your nights be Bahambo. Sincerely, Bahambo.”

Wow, that word is versatile! So here it really is, folks: a two-way bloodbath that’s something something. I may be saving my energy for the questions.

All questions will be placed here, and the first of Umoja or Conceptual Innuendo to reach five points will win. I’ll post questions every hour, attempting to do so around the same minute. Answers are only accepted via email.

Only the first answer to come in will matter. If it’s right, you’ll get a point and can no longer send answers. If it’s wrong, you also can never again submit an answer, and the person after you will be tabulated as well.

Alrighty, tighty whities. Let’s get to a question here.

Question One (9:10 Central): How many total votes in this game have been cast for characters whose names start with H?

Chad answers: 2 (wrong, no more answers)
Salamangela answers: 3 (correct)

Question Two (10:10 Central): This is the name of both a successful music producer and a kids show from the ’80s. That’s not framed like a question, but…you know what I mean.

Yulfie answers: Danger Mouse (correct)

Question Three (11:10 Central): Who was the last surviving member of the Manihiki tribe?

Hope answers: Sundra Oakley (correct)

Question Four (1:10 Central): What’s the common thread among all these Marvel characters? Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson, Cyclops, Mr. Fantastic, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, Angel, Dr. Strange, Nova.

Max answers: they all have alliterative names (correct)

Question Five (3:10 Central): Who were the two more recent NFL wide receivers to break the single-season record for receptions in back-to-back seasons?

Reese answers: Wes Welker and Antonio Brown (wrong, no more answers)
Smash answers: Wes Welker and Andre Johnson (wrong, no more answers)
Hey You answers: Cris Carter and Herman Moore (correct)

Question Six (5:10 Central): Who was the last character to die in Ridley Scott’s Alien? Name the character, NOT the performer. If you name the performer, I’ll mark it incorrect.

Graveyard Nuggets answers: Joan Lambert (correct)

Question Seven (6:10 Central): Who are the only three players in Spookymilk Survivor history to finish a game in both first and second place?

Rogue Scallion answers: Matt Novak, Christina Pepper and Ryan Fossum (correct)

Question Eight: In Michael Canfield’s “Survivor: Peru,” for whom did I cast my last vote?

Robo-Buffy answers: Dustin Shepherd (correct)

Final Question: One man won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship the day before my birthday. Another won it the day after (in a different year). Name both men.

Results. Wow. Corgan and Biscuits sent these in within seconds of each other. SECONDS.

The answer, which both of them got, was Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio.

The first reply I got was from….




Harold Biscuits.

Conceptual Innuendo, you have until 9pm Central tomorrow night to vote someone out.

I need a cigarette.