Does CI have an interesting vote to show us? We haven’t seen many yet.

Vote One: Colonel Hamster. “nothing personal”

Vote Two: Hey You Over There.

Vote Three: Colonel Hamster. “there doesn’t seem to be a better option.”

Vote Four: Colonel Hamster. “This is where it starts to get difficult. Sorry, Hamster.”

Vote Five: Colonel Hamster.

Vote Six: Colonel Hamster. “My vote, sadly, is for Colonel Hamster. Once he showed up, he was a great asset. Too little, too late though.”

Vote Seven: Colonel Hamster. “I don’t enjoy doing this, but on the other hand, camp will smell much better”

Vote Eight: Colonel Hamster. “You practically all but volunteered to be next. Call me your genie in a bottle because I’m granting your wish. Sorry, man”

Tenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Colonel Hamster

For a guy who was pretty much MIA for the first eight eliminations, he sure made this an interesting day. This has getting to be a good time.

It’s been far too long since I gave you all a spreadsheet. That’s your game board for this single-submission challenge.

Regulars will recognize Snakes on a Plane, although I run it differently every time I run it, and this time will be no different. (Hmmm…I worded that sentence a lot like my wide receiver question)

Each person is allowed a snake that is seven segments long. When you place the segment, you’ll just give me the coordinates of the snake (Bahambo, you’ll sit out two people). The snake’s seven segments must be connected either by straight or diagonal moves. If you want, your snake can be shorter, all the way down to a single space.

You get points equal to the numbers on the spaces where you stand. BUT:

*Your snake is worth nothing if it intersects with another from any tribe.
*If your snake is connected to another snake for your own tribe, the points are multiplied by the number of players connected. If three players on your tribe create one long snake, then any points in that extra-long snake will be tripled. Are ya still with me?

On Monday when these are due, I’ll update the entire page. If you have questions, ask them early, as I work a ton this weekend.

Cheers, Survivors.