For about eight straight eliminations, I’ve planned on running a challenge called “Army Ants,” and I keep pushing it because it seems like the wrong time. I’m not sure it ever will be, but for now, we’re going to do Stacked, which will run all day Wednesday; six people from each tribe will make moves.

This one runs on a spreadsheet.

For each turn, one member of your tribe must submit a space – from A to F – to stack on top of. I’ll update all at once. For every stack for which your tribe has the top space, you score the number to the left (that is, the number of blocks stacked). Right now, you all have two points, since the default opening is a colored block to start each stack.

So, for instance, if on the next tribe you each pick different spots and each cover a different color, it would be tied at 3-3-3, since you’d each have a block on top at 2 and a block on top at 1. Ya dig?

However, if two or more of you attempt to add to the same stack, you’ll cancel one another out and neither block will be placed.

At the end of the six turns, the tribe with the fewest points will vote someone out. If it’s a draw, both tribes will vote someone out, and if it’s a three-way draw, we’ll have a sudden death round to break it.

The moves will be due at 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8pm Central. If your tribe misses one, you don’t get to make it up, and you’ll have a one-point deduction at the end.

Umoja, you need to sit out one person. Bahambo, you need to sit three, and they can’t be Harbor or Rrrrr. The identities of the sitter-outers are due with the first move.

As always, ask me if you have questions. I’m off all day, so I can respond.

I know this is kind of quick to have a challenge like this, but I want it to be a little frenetic and chaotic strategically. Okay, kids, get to stacking. Cheers, Survivors.