Okay.  What a pain my computer is being today.  Let’s just eliminate someone.

Vote One: Max Brooky. “You’re fairly entertaining but I can’t trust you and can’t keep you.”

Vote Two: Corgan the Horrible. “I have zero idea if this is the correct vote, communication is overrated.”

Vote Three: Corgan the Horrible.

Vote Four: Corgan the Horrible.

Vote Five: Corgan the Horrible. “I guess I will vote for Corgan. I’m sure it will be me going home though. :-(”

Vote Six: Corgan the Horrible. “I have made my promises to people and unfortunately your horribleness isn’t a part of that. Sorry you have to go.”

Twelfth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Corgan the Horrible.

…huh. Never change, CI.

Here are the things you can bid on in the auction!!!!!!!!

Here’s how it works. On the left there are twenty “tribe items.” Only two of them are useful; they are the tribal immunities for this challenge.

On the right, you have a few items that speak for themselves, as well as 15 items under the word “Clue” although this may be misleading. For the items on the top right, I’ll post the top bet, and the tribe that is in the lead. But I won’t say which person has it.

You are allowed, as individuals, to ask for clues or the five items on the top right as often as you want. If you do, you will spend 20 of your points per item. Note that if you ask repeatedly for a certain clue, it will never change (except for in the off chance that it’s an immunity idol. And there is one. So it would disappear if you take it…which you might not). If you ask for items at the top right, you can bid anything you want and the highest bid at the end of the bidding period will get it (that’s tomorrow night at 9pm Central. If anything is bid for those items, it can’t be used on clues or whatever).

If you use points on the left side, they can never be retrieved. So if someone puts 1000 points on item #1 in the left immediately, the tribe will not have a chance to do anything else.

This is all about going rogue vs. helping the tribe. I will never announce who went for what. I will only tell the person who made the move the results of the move, and I’ll remove points on the spreadsheet.

Once you put points on the left, they’ll stay there. At the end of the submission period, the tribe with the most points on the two spots with immunity will win immunity. If there are ties, I will use a random draw. If the same tribe wins both immunities, then BOTH other tribes will vote someone out.

There is no single-person maximum. You can ask for things as often as you want, and I’ll respond in the order they come in. You CANNOT pull back something you asked for, so be sure before sending.

I hope this is clear. I know it won’t be to some of you, but I’m available for any and all questions tonight, especially after the challenge in the Survivor game I’m playing (which will come up soon).

Cheers, Survivors. I will answer questions here, with comments to the post. Look periodically.