Oy. Late night, friends. Sorry about that, but it was beyond my control. I did feel pretty bad about it, given the game situation(s).

Umoja, you’re first.

Vote One: Hope Martell.

Vote Two: Chad Broham.

Vote Three: Harold Biscuits. “In case we’re all lunatics and he’s not the traitor”

Vote Four: Chad Broham. “Though with this insanity I’m fully expecting to go home.”

Vote Five: Harold Biscuits.

Vote Six: Harold Biscuits. “You disgust me. We’re all pretty sure you’re the traitor so this vote means nothing. You have 0% chance of winning.”

I love a good rage vote. Indeed, Harold avoids this elimination by no longer being a member of Umoja. Thus…

Thirteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Chad Broham

Well, that sucks. Chad’s silly character was endearing. Plus, I just like the guy in real life.

Conceptual Innuendo, let’s see a vote from you.

If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Rogue Scallion strides up, looks weirdly into your moderator’s eyes, and says “Also here’s a cat” while handing me a photograph of his tabby.

This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol, and any votes cast for Rogue Scallion will not count.

Vote One: Rogue Scallion.

Vote Two: Rogue Scallion. “We need teamwork, and it seems you may have gone a little too rogue for my taste.”

Vote Three: Rogue Scallion. “May have been a bit too Rogue-ish with the tribes money. Sorry!!”

Vote Four: Rogue Scallion. “Because whatever.”

Vote Five: Max Brooky.

Vote Six: Hey You Over There.

That’s a 1-1 draw. That means the member of CI who bought the tiebreaker at yesterday’s challenge is now called upon to break it. He has 24 hours to do so.

Also, the possible merge numbers are 13-19. Stay frosty, Survivors. As soon as this tie is broken, I’ll post the result and proceed.