The tiebreaker person has broken the tie. Hereby eliminated is:

Fourteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Max Brooky

Okay, we now have a mere 19 of you left. Nineteen is my favorite number! And it’s Jay Buhner’s, too!

It’s time to think about when we merge.

We merge now.

Wow, we didn’t have to think about that for very long. At the very beginning of the game I knew the offer would be 13-19 people at the auction, and our winner chose 19.

The next challenge is All on the Line. It’s easy to understand. If you ask for clarification, I’ll kill you (sorry to be more blunt than usual, but it’s late and I’m spent from a long day of work and Survivor).

You must pick a number from 1 to 1000 (whole integers only) and email it to me. You can’t change it after emailing, so be sure first.

The four players who are farthest away from the closest person will immunity. So if you pick 1 and the closest person picks 870, I’d say you’re pretty safe. If there are ties that push us over four immunities, they’ll be removed from immunity.

I hand out a bunch of solo immunities immediately after the merge, but don’t worry – the numbers will shrink soon enough.

Your number is due Monday night at 9pm Central.


If you nonsub, you will immediately cast three self-votes when voting comes.

If you are the asshole who hasn’t shown up and talked since May 22, and you don’t submit, you will be immediately removed and we’ll still go through with a vote.

Everything good? Enjoy your merge feast, Survivors. I’d feed you, but I’m only within driving distance of two of you in real life here.

Cheers, Survivors.