Hey, CdLers. Consider joining a Survivor game run by Rene Pare over on Facebook. She asked me if I’d put this out there, and since I’m comfortable endorsing her as an even-handed host, here I am. The games over there are much simpler from a challenge standpoint and require live tribal council, but “nonsubbing” isn’t a thing so missing a challenge here are there isn’t an automatic killer. It’s a very different experience, and if you have any questions, throw them my way. There are a lot of hosts over there, but the link goes to Rene’s place. And hey, if you win her game and you’ve already won one of mine, you’ll be able to say you’ve won Survivor in two different countries! (She’s Canadian. Does her name give this away?)

I suppose you want a link to challenge results too.

OH! Let me remind you all of “The Double,” which was purchased in the Auction. Once the person who bought it wins Immunity, there will be two votes with the same people immune. I won’t tell you when it happened. I’ll just do a vote, and the next night, instead of a challenge along with the elimination announcement, I’ll ask for another vote.

Okay, so here are the results of All on the Line. It’s a really easy one to tabulate, so that was cool. The four people in green have won Immunity, so vote for anyone but any of them by tomorrow night at 9pm Central. Since there were no nonsubs, nobody will self-vote (well, unless they forget to vote).

Fun Fact: any number in the 900s would have won Immunity. I can’t believe with 18 people, there weren’t any high ones like that.

Cheers, Survivors.