Short intro because SO MANY VOTES

If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The camera pans across, showing everyone in the game. This takes several hours. Nobody plays an idol.

Vote One: Corporal Clambake.

Vote Two: Corporal Clambake.

Vote Three: Corporal Clambake.

Vote Four: Corporal Clambake.

Vote Five: Corporal Clambake.

Vote Six: Corporal Clambake.

Vote Seven: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Eight: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Nine: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Ten: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Eleven: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Twelve: Graveyard Nuggets. “Private Nuggets”

Vote Thirteen: Corporal Clambake. “It’s fun to play a character but you should tone down the bossy.”

Vote Fourteen: Corporal Clambake. “Eeeny-meeny miney Clambake. Perfectly solid reasoning for a vote.”

Vote Fifteen: Graveyard Nuggets. “A shame, as it’s such a funny name.”

Vote Sixteen: Graveyard Nuggets. “Nuggets for President. Or Elimination. What are we voting for again?”

Vote Seventeen: Corporal Clambake. “Sorry soldier you are relieved of your duty!”

Vote Eighteen: Corporal Clambake. “*prepares 21-blunt salute*”

Sixteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Corporal Clambake

Wooooo, gang. What a day.

What another we’ll have tomorrow. The person who bid on and won The Double did in fact win Immunity yesterday, so we have another vote to make by tomorrow night at 9 with the same four people (Vampire, Chastity, Robo, Fluffy) immune. It might suck to have to do this, but hey, it’s way better than if that person hadn’t won his or her first Immunity about twelve eliminations from now. (I admit that it’s worse, though, than if the player had been eliminated before winning one).

Cheers, Survivors. Get dirty in there.

Oh, one more thing. I know for a fact that some of you are still attempting to talk outside of Diplo. You are hiding your alliances by doing so, and this is not allowed. I don’t know the names at this point, so if I suspect it again at all, people are leaving. Just talk on Diplo. It’s not that hard.