Spreadsheets rock the house, wooooooooooooo

Elimination Form 1: People who were shot at, and didn’t successfully defend

Interesting Salmon (shot by Graveyard Nuggets)
Rogue Scallion (shot by Harold Biscuits)
Toothless Hustle (shot by Reese Wildebeest and History of Sass)

Elimination Form 2: People automatically eliminated because someone defended against them and has no other choice to eliminate

Chastity Trueheart (Fluffy Muffins defended)
Hey You Over There (Hope Martell defended)
Salamangela (Robo-Buffy defended)
Robo-Buffy (Salamangela defended)

Elimination Form 3: Eliminated by Defender’s Choice)

Hope Martell (chosen by Chastity)
Smash Hardwood (not a choice, really. Nuggets’ other choice was already out)
Beef Stew (chosen by Reese Wildebeest)



Here you go.

Eliminations were all the result of successful defenses.

Harold Biscuits (Fluffy Muffins defended)
History of Sass (Graveyard Nuggets defended)
Fluffy Muffins (Harold Biscuits defended)
Graveyard Nuggets (Reese Wildebeest defended)

Elimination by defender’s choice:

Vampire Grip (chosen by History of Sass)

The sole Immunity winner is Reese Wildebeest.