Woooooo! See that title? Things are weird around here, folks.

First, let’s start with the actual vote, which determines the 19th elimination.

Vote One: Toothless Hustle. “Nothing personal, just voting with my group.”

Vote Two: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Three: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Four: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Five: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Six: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Seven: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Eight: Vampire Grip.

Vote Nine: Vampire Grip.

Vote Ten: Vampire Grip.

Vote Eleven: Vampire Grip.

Vote Twelve: Vampire Grip.

Vote Thirteen: Vampire Grip.

Vote Fourteen: Vampire Grip.

Vote Fifteen: Vampire Grip.

Nineteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Vampire Grip.

Wow. What a day. Vampy, you were a very welcome addition to the game, and I hope very much that you’ll play again. Good game! Ass slaps all around.

Now, the nasty business of elimination eighteen.

During the auction, one of the purchasable “clues” was a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, it was Cursed, as I like to do now and then. The person, if he wanted to take it, would be eliminated if he ever in Diplochat said the word “The.”

Well, he did. He knew right away afterward what he’d done. Cursed Immunity Idols are a miserable bitch goddess.

Eighteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Fluffy Muffins

That leaves 14 of you, who will be playing What’s in Your Head? However, I’m at work and can’t post it now (it’s complicated. Enjoy!).

Cheers, Survivors. Great game you’re playing in there.